Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tristan new hair cut! :)

Tristan's hair is getting long and thick. Everytime he sweats, the hair tickles his ears and he will scratch the back of his ears until it bleeds, not joking! And every time he sweats, his hair stinks. But when you ask him if he wants to cut his hair he says "mai" (Hokkien for 'NO') or " I DONT WANT!" One of his favourite verse lately.
So I am on a mission to bring him to the dreaded Hair Saloon. His greatest fear!
Here's Tristan at the gate of the home operated hair saloon near my home, still unsure what's going on... hhmmm...

And hmmm after a violent struggle,screams and tears-> here's the after shot! Look at the expression!

Poor thing, he's really scared of those Electric Shaver (what are those call again?), after the hair cut, he was cold and trembling... a fear that hopefully he will soon overcome...
Personally his papa and I liked his old hair, got character and it bounce when he runs. I wanted to just give him a trim, but with the way he is struggled... no choice, no time to explain to hair dresser what hair cut to give him too. So... here's the new spiky look!

After cut comments from families and friends:
He looks like a army boy, botak,( my mother in law came up with a rhyme: Botak head, Nineteen Forty Eight), looks more matured, handsome, China boy, looks more mischievous.


Friday, May 16, 2008

We are pregnant !

Past 2 months have been so hectic that I forgot that I have missed my period. Got a pregnant test last week &...result is POSITIVE! It came as a surprise for both me and Chris. We are both happy coupled with excitement & fear. Reminded ourselves that we are going through everything all over again!

Being 2nd time pregnant, I'm actually more nervous then before. The first time round it was pretty blissful and smooth. And that was because.. "ignorance is bliss" now that I know what's going to happen, and what to expect... hhmmm.. I'm feeling a bit scared.

Excitement aside, I experienced some cramps and discomfort at the abdominal area and bleeding. Very worried, trying to rest as much as I can and pray the bleeding stops.

I searched online and read up on some information on Bleeding During Pregnancy.

From the American Pregnancy Association

Bleeding During Pregnancy


Bleeding during pregnancy: Why it happens, what to do


Vaginal spotting or bleeding during pregnancy


Pray that baby stay strong.


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