Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The long awaited day ;o)

Tuesday 27th April 2006, Super hot day.

Dear Diary,
Well, I've promised to share my stories... so here goes :o)

Let's start from the begginning. I must say that I had a smooth pregnancy, no complications or extreme changes in my body or mood or appetite. Well thanks to my mummy's genes, she had easy pregnancy too :o) So easy that she didnt know she was pregnant with my little brother until the 4th month. I only had a lost of appetite during the first 3 months, but after that was enjoyable. Chris was really excited and very supportive. He would fetch me to and from work and get me anything I feel like eating and best of all is the massages when I get leg cramps and backaches. And when I get cranky or moody, I blame it on the hormones :o) hehehe... (Ladies out there... when you are pregnant, you are the queen, enjoy it. :o)

It was the last month of pregnancy, April 2006. I took leave from the 12th of April onwards as my expected due date was 19th April. Everyone was anxious and awaiting the day when baby will be born. Chris & I were saying prayers every night for a healthy and strong baby, Chris parents and my parents were very excited too. So... the long awaited day came.

4am April 17 2006
I woke up and felt a sudden pain in my abdomen. I rushed to the toilet and blamed the Ju Hu Eng Chai (sotong/squid & Kang kong) & Rojak (Malaysian fruit salad) I had the night before. Well, I emptied my bowels the first time I went to the toilet. But minutes after the 'diarhea' pain I had came back, I rushed to the toilet again.. & again... & again. (mind you, with a big belly, it's not easy getting in and out of bed.) I begin to suspect something's wrong. I told Chris, I think this is what they call "contractions".

Chris rushed me to the hospital at 6am in the morning.
this is only PART 1 will update more... soon :o)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Baby's 2 months old!

Sunday 18th June 2006 ( Wedding Anniversary!)

Dear diary,

Little Tristan is 2 mths old now! tried to log in the on 17th, I wrote a whole bunch of stuff but the electricity just went off... all the hard work gone.

Today is also Chris and I's 1st year wedding anniversary, had a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant with a nice view over straits of Johor. Saw sunset (not much of a sunset, it was cloudy...), the food was good, had a simple and nice celebration.

Just wondering... Chris and I are just married a year and with a son at 2 months old, and we are already so busy and tired out everyday with work, chores, and other responsibility. We use to celebrate and buy each other gifts every month on the 18th ( the day we got together) before we got married. After we got married, we occasionally go out for special dinners on the 18th, now that we have a kid, we hardly remember the 18th of the month anymore. 1 day is still 24 hours and 1 week is 7 days, it hasn't change.But it seems that to us, hours are shorter and weeks and months passed so quickly that we hardly find time to relax and do nothing-annnnnnnddd not feel guilty about it.

I wonder how other families cope with 3 kids and more... or rather my fathers' generation where families of 8-11 kids are normal. still got many thoughts on my mind and still havent got the photoes loaded online yet... but just too tired... better get some rest. Oh ya, I started Yoga, feel much better and energetic each day. gotta sleep now, dont wanna be late for Yoga tomoro morning. Good nite.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday Blues... Tues Gloom...

Tuesday 6th June 2006 Rainy & Gloomy
Dear diary,
Feeling pretty gloomy today, partly due to the weather I guess. Wanted to open a new bank account for little baby Tristan but was told I need an appointment, gotta go back next day & wanted to cancel my credit card but they make it so difficult!!! was told to go to the bank, when I went there I was told to call the Customer Service Hotline, made me so angry... They think that I have so much time, I have to work around my little baby's feeding schedule. What to do, they always have to make things complicated...

Got a few things on my mind today. Much as I am happy breastfeeding baby Tristan and caring for him, I feel so exhausted all the time. Need to get up and do something myself. Maybe I'll take up Yoga or something... hhmmm

Little Tristan wore his cousin sister's bodysuit today, the pleated sleaves made him look like a little baby girl :o) hehehe... okok. he is crying now, he knows mommy is teasing him. Alright, will share some photoes soon :o)
That's all for today :o)
Monday 5th June 2006 Sunny
Dear diary, Tristan is 7 weeks old today! wow, time really flies. I can still remember eagerly waiting for the day that he wants to come out to the world. I still owe a lot of stories that I need to share with all. Not that I am proud of myself, but I find that people dont share these type of things anymore. I never really knew much about pregnancy, labour, child birth, breast feeding, taking care of infants... Well if you live big cities there are classes you can go to, but in a small city like JB, tough, there's no place you can go to learn all these stuff. Promise to have soem juicy stories to tell by this week. :o) ...Tristan is very sleepy today, been sleeping the whole day & night... Sleepy baby is better than a grumpy one though :o) Love, Shirin

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sunday 4th June 2006, 2:30pm

Dear friends,
It may come as a surprise to some of you that I got married last June (05) and am now a mother a little baby boy name Tristan.
Here's a picture of Tristan just minutes after birth. At that very moment, I was half unconscious lying in bed exhausted from labour, the pushing and all the medication... ooo... I cant image how I survived all that.

Chris & I are both very grateful for our healthy son, borned on 17th April 2006, 9:04pm, weighed at 3.15kg.

Anyway here's just a short note to say that I am back :o) & have plenty of stories to tell, but I will just leave you with this little picture. Gota rush off to take a shower while little Tristan takes his nap. Learning to be a mom means being able to multi-task, still trying very hard to manage it all :o)

Take care,


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