Monday, November 04, 2013

School Holidays are here! Travelling with kids?

Can't believe it, another year is coming to an end! In another 2 weeks, the school holidays will begin and we are taking our first 3 weeks overseas trip as a family of 5! When we were planning for the trip, it seemed exciting but as the weeks get closer, I'm starting to freak out... What am I going to do with 2 kids and a baby on the 8 hour flight and days of traveling from one place to another! My oldest gets bored easily and I dont really want him to read books in the cars, not good for the eyes and he gets nauseous easily. My second one gets all hyper and whiny and non-cooperative when the trip gets too long - I can imagine the " Are we there yet?" " I cannot wait anymore!" questions! And my baby... hai... dont get me wrong he is a good baby, but somehow we realised in the recent months that he doesn't do so well when we are out and about. He sleeps and eat well when we are home. But when he gets tired and gets restless, he screams! (not cry... ) SCREAMS.. his lungs out.

Anyway... I'm making some preparation. I went to popular and bought them some sketch books -hoping to turn them into travel journal/sketch book and I found fun travel activity book which includes games, puzzles, colourings, word search and stuff. And I found some pretty interesting travel activity book that you can download online for free. :)

This one done for traveling in Australia 

This one is really nice, I like the original colourings and pictures (for 7 years and above or little ones with more advance reading and fine motor skills)

This one is more plain, but there are some nice ideas to adopt like tic tac toe...etc..

But hhmmm... all this seems a bit too tough for Trevor. I found this blog, this mom has made a great effort in creating a travel binder for her 18 days on the road with her kids. I'm going to try some of her ideas. 

This mom has lots of nice ideas too. :)

And here Travel Bingo cards :) Nice!

This mom has some cool games to play too ! And nice printables  :) But not so sure if I would use the reward part... I'm not a big fan of rewarding good behaviour so artificially. The become nice in order to get something. The natural reward should be getting a good meal after a long trip... or.. having a nice shower and clean comfortable sheets to sleep in. That's the reward of being patient.

This is a paid ebook. Ultimate road trip game e-book. nice ideas too.

I'm starting to pack my luggage.. I take forever to pack, so many kids... So many just in case... I hope I don't bring the whole house! :)


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