Thursday, May 01, 2014

New garden awaits!

I changed the layout of my blog site to this garden patch background. I thought it looked cute and most importantly it's what we are into now!

I never had a green finger, or so I thought... every plant seem to die in my care... but but but... for the children's sake I am taking up my courage and take up planting!

Here are some photoes of my garden, before and after.

And we arewaiting for some plants to grow before I can take pictures of them. Patience. Here's a song that we sang in our Baha'i children's class about Patience :)

"...Patience is the answer, when we are sad and blue. Patience is rewarded it brings happiness to you."

true true... will exercise some patience :)

My boys helping to clear the grass to make space for the vegies that we are going to grow.

My little gardener.

Everyone helped.

by everyone I really mean everyone! Tyler helped put the stones in the pail. :) 

He also tried catching some fishes!

Will take more pictures when the vegies grow. :)


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