Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Gentle Revolution

On the bookshelf of my dad's room, sits this book: " How to multiply your child's intelligence" by Glen Doman. I think he bought it when my mom was pregnant with my brother. I noticed it, but never picked it up before.

When I was pregnant with my first boy, my dad passed it to me to read. Then, I wasn't much a 'reader' I couldn't read books without pictures and I would fall asleep after a page or two. I took it and just left it in my book shelf. Don't get me wrong, I was planning on reading it later. :)

After I became a mother, I realised that reading is a necessity and I needed to read to learn how to educate and parent my child. And I wanted my children to grow up to love reading, to cultivate a good habit. Gotta set an example.

With this desire to learn more, I actually started to love reading. The more I read, the more excited I got. I started reading books on Attachment parenting, on babywearing, on breastfeeding, on love languages of a child, on personal growth, on how to be a Work-at-home mom, on Montessori,... and finally I pick up another Glen Doman book - 'How to teach your baby to read & How to teach your baby math' from a 'junk' sale - I knew it was a good book ( I thought: buy it first since it's cheap, I'll read it later on when I get time :)

And finally I got the time to flip through some pages, I read that it's easier to teach a 1 year old to read then a 2 years old, it's easier to teach a 3 year old to read than a 6 year old. Trevor is going to be 1.5yrs... I better hurry before I miss this golden age. ( the kiasu-ism in me sprung up! Hehehe) I am not all out to 'win', I want to give my child the stimulation and everything I can to let his fullest potential shine. No pressure, just joyful learning and bonding. :)

I am still in the first few pages of the book and I am surprised that this book has so much more to offer. It's is 'revolutionary'! It doesn't just tell you, ok 1st step, do this... then do that. Your child will become a genius!

No it talks about the potential in each baby to learn to read at an early age, and how they have studied over 20+ years and gave life to children who were brain-injured. These children were told that they will be a 'vegetable' for the rest of their life as they can't walk, talk or move by themselves. But through a prescribe method of training, these children can walk, talk and read like a average or some exceed an average well child.

I've yet to discover how to teach my baby to read, will update you more once I get to that part. Here's a video to share.



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