Saturday, July 28, 2007

Countdown to WAHM!

Saturday 28th July 2007 Gloomy ... going to rain

Count down... thirteen days before I am officially free from the 9-5 job.
Excited yet there's a part of me that is feeling... scared! Scared of losing the 'secure' job. An old mindset and thinking but that is the general mindset of the public. I probably felt the same way I quit my job in Singapore a year ago, and that fear caused me to jump straight back on a job. I am not making the same mistake again. So as to not side track again... here's what I am going to do...

1) Be a SAHM/WAHM ... not familiar with these terms? :)
Stay At Home Mom/Work At Home Mom-I walked into a whole new world when I become a mom, and I met so many mothers who wants the same: Spend more time with their kids while still living actively. Some also want to continue to have an income but a flexibility of working from home. These moms have inspired me to do the same. It's really different if you are there for the milestones of your child's life, instead of hearing all the exciting things he has done or learn at the end of the day while you were at work.
Gone are the days where housewife are looked upon as 'backward', ' cut off from the world outside' and 'out dated'. These women are educated, smart, caring, willing to share and learn, always improving oneself, made a conscious decision to leave their job for their precious children, thinking of creative ways to educate their child, creative ways to provide financially for their child while spending quality time with them.
(For more information: search SAHM/WAHM or for a malaysia site
A great bunch of moms of 'asiaparents' a online yahoo group who provides support, exchange ideas and opinions online. )
I will have more info up.. once I official step into the world o WAHM :)

2) Launch MummyHugs Baby Sling to all corners of Malaysia and to the world.
To venture out and start your own business is really.... scary! but.. the adventurous me is screamin... why not? So... stay tune for more stories as I embark on this journey of entrepreneurship!

3) Blog!
Update my MummyHugs blog every other day... and start out another blog/website for Bahai Parenting & Bahai Children Class/Junior Youth Class resource.

hhmm... sounds like I have a new list ..every post...well... ideas kept on flowing.. had to write down somewhere :)

I guess I have to dig out all my old ones and combine them with the new ones. And ... get a final list out, to get focus on the list of things I want to do.

A last note for today... We went for a beautiful wedding reception of Amy & Roshan on 22 July 2007. Simple & beautiful. And the video of their ceremony in Langkawi was.... a dream wedding come true!

Just realised that it tells a lot of the couple's love for each other from the amount of work and thought that goes into their wedding. Their acknowledgement of love in public really move me to tears: that's when Amy sang... "have I told you lately.. that I love you..." so touching... Well.. you can say I am sentimental, but how can you not feel the love and bliss?

Here's wishing Amy & Roshan lots of love... lots of happiness & lots of kids!!! May you both walk together on the path of service united & strong. Wishing you a blissful marriage until the end of time! :)

Warmest love,
Chris Shirin & Tristan...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

A six month break. I'm back!

Thurs 12th July 2007 Fine weather

Guess what? I quit! Yes I threw in my resignation letter yesterday, finally. Chris has been telling me to do that a month ago, but I thought I will wait and see... wait.. wait... not sure what I am waiting for. I guess I didnt want to be a 'quit-er' or I thought I should achieve something before I leave.

Well i finally have the courage to say.. that's enough, I have better things to do with my time and my life. The main reason I left my singapore job was so that I can move back to JB and spend more time with my son... now 15 months ( time flies) but I have not been spending as much time as I wish I had. So I told myself, Tristan is growing everyday and if I dont spend more time with him now, I will end up regretting. SO now I AM A FREE WOMAN! ( hhm sounds a bit weird, a free man sounds better.. but you get wat I mean :)

I have so many plans ahead.
First I am going to spend more time with my son, create a schedule and be more discipline in terms of rountines. Sleep early, wake up early, eat healthily, read and play together with him. Be organise with my time as well.
2nd I am going to launch my business full force and officially., look for oppurtunities to expand and do some R&D.
3rd I am going to put more effort and be more organise with Bahai children class, Bahai admin work and set up a youth group.
4th Exercise! I am going to do Yoga at least 2 times a week, take up golf again.
5th Start a playgroup with friends and babies.

hhmmm..I just looked at my new year resolution for this year... sounds pretty similar to wat I wrote here... This time I am sure that I am going to actually fullfill some resolution for a change! Wish me luck & determination and perserverance!

To the new chapter of my life.. here I come! YEAH!!!!



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