Monday, October 22, 2007


Ha! finally I am going on vacation! Going to Vietnam with Chris and Tristan. Many would actually drop their jaws, surprise.. and think we are crazy. "Why you bringing baby with you?... How to enjoy? .. Baby will suffer... So Young, baby wont benefit... He wont remember a thing.."
But oh well, I guess Chris and I have agreed to bring baby wherever we go. We want Tristan to see the world, experience different culture and way of life. Let him adjust and be able to live in all type of conditions and environment. We hope to let him grow up a tough boy. 'rough it out'. But of course we take all the precautions and make sure he drinks and eat hygienic food... etc. And of course it will be more tiring, carrying him (10 KG now!) and walking miles shopping and sight seeing.
But it'll all be worth it!
Found a site that talks about travelling with baby.
I am looking for something which I read before... how your baby will benefit from traveling, how babies brain develops from newborn to 3 years of age... will up date later and tell you about my trip then!Seeya!

Travel with baby

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check out the other Mummy Bloggers!

I just came across a few amazing mummy bloggers online. I added them onto "Blogs I Read" column. (Just added this new column too :) hehe very happy of my small achievement.

Have a look at some of them listed here and I am sure you'll be as amazed as I am. Salute to these Mamas!

Let's get wokking!

This stay at home mum has amazing recipes and amazing photography of the food she cooks for her family. Check it out!


This WAHM is one amazing artist.

Musing of a new mother

A full time working mom writes witty stories about her life as a new mom. There's so much that I can relate to :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Problem waking up early!

I have been horrible at waking up early. I'll open my eyes at 8am when my alarm rings, tell myself to go back to bed, and snooze off for another hour or so. Then when I do wake up- late, I feel so awful! Ahhh... There goes the mood for the whole day. I feel so bad that I'll not sleep early at night cos I feel that I have wasted the whole day! Seems like a vicious cycle that I am trying to beat.

When I was working, I had to force myself to wake up no matter what time I sleep. At least there was something to push me. But now.. it feels like I have 'no reason' to wake up early. Feels like everyday is a Sunday to me... oh... how nice to snuggle with four pillows and blanket when the weather is cold and rainy.

I googled 'problem waking up early' and I got the following interesting links to share. Just in case there's anyone sharing the same problem.

How to become a early riser?

Waking Up Early - Why is it so hard?

Becoming a early person

Not sure whether I can pull all this 'working from home', 'running own business' off. I just find it harder and harder to motivate myself each day. It feels like what I read in the book 'The Milk Memos'.

Oh ya before I forget, I recommend this wonderful book that I just completed: "The milk memos" by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette. It's a hilarious book by 2 mothers from America working for working for IBM. They started to write down their thoughts and feelings into a note book in the lactation room where they express their milk for the babies while they continue to work after giving birth. They also provide tips and advice for mothers who wants to continue to breastfeed, and how they mix being a mother and working.

There's a section that talks about working from home: "How it can be very hard to concentrate when the love of your life is right there next to you... that you may feel guilty when you cant give him the full attention... about missing social interaction with co-workers..."

Well that is ME! exactly! Still trying... and keeping myself going! Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Survival vs Sucess

Was speaking to a friend and this very interesting topic came up...

As a parent.. are we teaching our kids to survive or to succeed?

Many instill fear in their child to fend for themselves, to be afraid of the negative
consequences, to live a 'safe & secure' life. But are we hindering them from success?

We hear of so many successful and famous scientist, philanthropist and great leaders today. They did not live their life in fear, but a curiosity and a will to move forward and to be successful without thinking twice about failure. But when they fail, they get up and try again.. they fall, they get up and run again. Many of them did not live a typical life, some never did well in school, somedidnt have the opportunity to access education and other facilities that we have at our finger tips. But these people achieve so much in life and attained such a high level ofsuccess that many will never be able to reach in our life time.

Sometimes many are so afraid to being a 'bad' parent that they end up deciding everything for their child... telling them it's good for them. So when does a parent make decision for their child and when do we start letting them make their own. To experience the consequence of their own decision, to fall and get up again.

Just something for every parent to think about in this highly competitive, Kiasu (fear of failure), Kiasi (fear of death) society.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just converted to Beta :)

Ha... finally I am upgrading my blog :) just converted to Beta and found the most informative site Wonderful site! teaches you everything you need to know about Blogger. Love it. Hopefully I will keep the enthusiasm going and continue to upgrade this blog of mine for fluequently.

Alright. So... here I am 2 months after I quit my full time job. I haven't gone far but for a start, I am doing up my biz plan and will hit the road full force from now. The transition is over, I am finally settling. I just went through a couple of links which helps to keep WAHM motivated. Here are the links.. ok.. I haven't learnt how to include the links... so here's the URL for it.

How to stay motivated while working at home
Seven Tips For Work-At-Home Motivation

And I came to one conclusion: Working from home is real work too!



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