Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Falling apart...

Tuesday 18th September 2007, Hot Sunny day

Ha… it’s 18th of September already. It’s been 1 month 1 week since I left my full time job. And guess what? I haven’t been working on my biz yet! So frustrated, so disappointed in myself. I get so distracted… the problem is I don’t know what is distracting me? I send my son to my nanny’s from 11am-6pm. So… not distracted by son… not distracted by noise or other people cos I work myself and no one is home most of the time. So… why why why? I cant figure out at the moment.

I just cant get to doing the things I am suppose to do. I get carried away with other things which are unimportant and by the time I knew it.. the day is over,… the week is over.. and the whole month is over! I seem to have less time and accomplished less when I left my full time job. Maybe I should have just continued working since it wont make any different and still get a full time pay. Hai… I may have to go back to work soon. Find a part time job or something.

I have been diligently trying to plan and recording my daily activities. Hope to management my time better.

Falling apart…

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Work at home versus Work out of home

Sunday 16th September 2007 Rainy in the morning, nice cool weather.

When I threw in my resignation letter in July 07, I was so relieved and so happy that I was going to be a WAHM (Work at home mom). I thought that was what I always wanted and that I will be happy and relax, work at my own pace, no stress, more time to do what I want...But but but...I guess it's a lot tougher than I thought.
Maybe I am not suitable to work from home. Too much of my comfort zone, too many distraction, no need to report to 'boss', cos I am the boss! And I find it really difficult to manage my time around baby, work, personal…etc. because all these happen in the same place, my home.
Or maybe it’s just a period of adjustment. Any type of change needs a period of adjustment and settling in. I will continue to work at it and if I am still terribly stuck… someone… get me out! Just joking, I love my son, I love being at home and love working from the comfort of my home. I just need to get organized and be really disciplined. If I am will not improving much by this month, I will get a part time job. At least I get out of the house to meet others and have a change of environment.
I realized that I am a people person; I need to interact with people. So full time at home, working just me and my computer 24 hr a day is a nightmare! So count me out on Internet distance learning or anything similar to that… I mean, how do these people do it? Please enlighten me!
That’s my experience as a WAHM for the past month. I feel that I have less time compared to when I was working at my last job. (that explain why I have not written in a month.) Why is that so? Hhmm… Ok, I do spend more time with Tristan and Chris, but I haven’t got down to doing the list of things that I list down 2 days after I left my last job.
I just came up with a ‘time table’ for myself, and record what I actually did when the day is over. Hope to analyze where my time goes to, hope to work out and get organize!
Love, Shirin 2:10am... yes.. it's late, I cant sleep. Ironically it's bcos I am too tired.


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