Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to not get angry with your kids.

*Deep breathe*.... Well it's not easy for me to write this. "I'm angry!"

Earlier today, Tristan didn't eat his snack in school, came back home and deliberately ate chocolate when I repeatedly told him it's for after his lunch!
At dinner time, he refuses to eat his rice and kept asking to eat his Kinderjoy-chocolate!
( I don't normally buy chocolate but we just came back from Shane's birthday and got a bag of goodies. He can eat them as long as he eat some dinner.) So there was a big drama, throwing tantrum and crying at dinner. At last he ate some dinner and had his dessert. I haven't got angry till this point...
But... I couldn't keep my cool for long... I just burst out with Tristan for not listening to instructions and waiting in bed while I get his milk. He was talking loudly and making noises, walking around and jumping on the bed AND woke his brother from his sleep!! Trevor is still recovering from runny nose and it's difficult for him to get to sleep with stuffy nose. This pushed the button!

I took his hand and slap his palm real hard.. he started crying...

I feel really terrible. I'm angry with myself for getting angry with him... I have been angry many many times for an extended period of time. I really need to stop being angry!

I looked online and found this...

When Moms Get Angry - Anger management tips for moms

When you get angry with your children

Greene's Release-Why you get angry with your child & what you can do about it

Answers-yahoo: How do you cope when you get angry with your kids?

A Video by Dr. Arnold Nerenberg of The Nerenberg Graduate Institute.

I read up on the above and realised this hit me: "Angry responses may be a familiar strategy, or something quite new and surprising – people often say their anger heightened after the birth of a child, starting a new job, death of a family member, or some other life change."

I realised that there's just so many changes in my life in the past 2 months that I need time to rejuvenate and to recover from. Which I never got the time to do it... All the emotions built up over time...

1. We moved out from my in-laws and to our new home... had to dealt with leaving them and setting up and managing our own home.

2. My close aunt passed away from cancer after a 5 year long fight. This happened very quickly, didnt expect her to go so soon... She was still walking and talking and planning for her holidays a few weeks before her death. I kept feeling sorry and guilty that I never visited her enough in the last few weeks... and for not calling her enough... But I'm happy that I made it there at the hospital and held her hands, said prayers with her till her hands turned cold and the pulse machine beeped... This was the first time someone so close to me has passed on. I'm happy that she's gone to a better place, but miss her terribly. It was an emotional roller coaster for me... I had to be strong for my kids, my grandmother and for my aunt to go peacefully. I didnt have time to greive... or to forgive myself for the regrets I have... I guess it takes time and prayers will heal.

3. Chris got a new job... with this comes changes with routine. He use to work odd hours gets weekdays off and this meant that he could take care of paying the bills, sending cars for servicing...etc.. But now that he is on 5day week and weekend off, I have to take over all this. And whinthin the last month, my car broke down twice and it costed me a fortune to repair it. But then again, with this new schedule, he's timing is more predictable and he gets weekend off to spend with us. Just need time to get use to this change.

4. Financially... We used up our savings to set up the new home and with the car break down and repairs... and everything else cause a bit of strain on our finances. Hope in months to come, we can start up our savings again.

5. Both kids sick for past 2 weeks with high fever and flu... sleepless nights for me, grumpy kids, super fussy eater....etc...

All this plus I still need to manage my business and prepare for Kindermusik classes..
Oh well... I guess all these was enough for me to burst out in anger.
I'm writing this blog because I just need to write down and clear my thoughts. Not saying that I have a reason to get angry... but I just lost control of my emotions.

I really don't know how exactly I can step out of this rage towards my kids and family.... ( my innocent victims... *sign*...) but I'm going to take things step by step and take deep breaths before I do want to break out again. I pray everything will heal and I pray for forgiveness.

Please share with me if you have similar experiences.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How your baby and toddler will benefit from music?

Dear Mummies & Daddies, or if you know a parent with young children :)

Many parents ask if it is too early to start music class? Babies...Toddlers... what benefit will they get?
What babycenter says about music and baby...
What Supernnanny says about music and baby...
Nestle Grow your baby's brain with song...
Babycenter malaysia: When will my baby be old enough to start music lesson?

It's never too early to start introducing music to your child. In fact, the earlier the better. I'm sure you are aware of how prenatal musical experience benefit the child even before he/she is born. AND the building of the brain continues after birth, music being proven to stimulate the brain in every way is the best you can use to stimulate your child and encourage development of the brain. It helps in development of language skills, physical development, social & emotional, and cognitive development..etc

More than just a music class, Kindermusik Class is a music and movement program that provides a whole child development! The child is introduced to different music from around the world and each activity has been planned to stimulate the child to learn in many different ways. This class trains listening skills, builds self-esteem, attention span, fine & gross motor skills, creativity and so much more!

This is speaking from personal experience, as I see the results on my own son and others that I teach! And most of all, they love the class and it's such a great bonding session with mummy and child OR even daddy and child! ( I have daddies attending the class with their 2 year old... doing pretend play and everything!)

So don't wait! Come and observe and see for yourself what we do in class!
(You can just come in and join us one of this weekend, email at shirintan@gmail.com/call me to let me know) and if you and your child like it join us! If not in your own way introduce so form of music to your child!
Our exciting new class is starting on 14 Nov 09. See the previous post to find out more.

Pass the message on!

Click here for more information on Kindermusik Classes.

Happy Parenting!


New Kindermusik Class Starting in Nov 2009!

"Family Day at the Zoo -- Let's Take the ZOO TRAIN Together!"

Your toddler and the train make a natural match - always on the move. Bring your own stuffed animal for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for polar bear paws. Sing songs for clapping time and use music to help children regulate emotions.
**Early Bird enjoys 20% discount on Lesson Fee!**
Last Enrollment Date for Early Birds: 10 October 2009 (Saturday)
Lesson Dates: 14, 21, 28 November and 5, 12 December 2009 (Total of 5 sessions on Saturday)
Lesson Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Last Enrollment Date: 4 November 2009 (Wednesday)
Lesson Fee: RM 200
Home Materials: RM 140
What you and your child will get:
1. Hardcover book
2. Funky chunky animal shaker - in elephant or giraffe shapes
3. Home CD includes the slip-in lyric book
4. Certified Kindermusik Educator conducting the class
5. Fun & Exciting learning environment!
Please email me at shirintan@gmail.com to register today! Limited places only.
Only enrollment with Full Payment received within the said dates are considered
If your child is of a different age group please drop me an email so that I can keep you updated when we start a class for other ages. Kindermusik have age appropriate classes for each level. Click here to find out more.

To learn more about Kindermusik, please go to

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's been a while...since we painted!

It's been a while since I last blogged and since Tristan and I last did a art & craft at home. So here's a little art that we did for 'YeYe'-my father's birthday yesterday. I cut out a nine pointed star out of a rough paper and ask Tristan to help me stick it ( just on the corners of the star) on a drawing block. Then we use tissue, crushed paper, paint brush and cotton bud to put paint all over.After painting, we remove the star to unveil the master piece :) Yeye love it!
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