Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40 Weeks Pregnant!

Started another blog at for my second time round pregnancy experience, but never really got to writing much. Since got not time to develop that blog, I copied all the entries I wrote into this blog under pregnancy:).

I guess 2nd time is pretty different in a sense that you don't have so much time to 'dream' about what what your baby will look like or how will you bring up your baby, read pregnancy books, and live in a fantasy world of the perfect birth plan, perfect delivery, touching moments when you finally meet your baby. Nothing like that at all. Most of the time I just feel tired, and trying to run after my toddler. And also I kind of know what to expect and it's not all a pretty bed of roses :)

Still, I enjoyed my pregnancy. Very thankful that I didnt have much complications. I still love the tingling feeling of baby moving in my womb or the somersault or football that he play in there! Actually today is my due date! But no signs of labout yet. Excited yet pretty scared of the 'process'. I was dreading the labour and dont want to think too much about it. But on Sunday, we met the Gynae and she was pretty busy and sound 'worried' that baby may go overdue. That scared me a little. I guess now is no time to dread it, I'm praying that baby come soon. If not I'm booked for to be induced next week! And if induction doesnt work it'll be Cesarean! I really dont want to be induced for go through Cesarean. So fingers crossed, pray baby is out by this week healthy and strong. :)

Found some links on how to go into labour... not sure how much it is true though.
How To Go Into Labor?

How to go into labor?- Maternityacupressure

I'm overdue: now what?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Borrowed the books :)

Manage to go to the library in Woodlands, Singapore and borrowed some interesting books just a week before my due date!:)

The Joyful Child:
The Montessori Method for 0-3 Years at
My Review:Interesting book which gives a simple summary or explanation on Montessori for 0-3 Years. But note that half of each page is filled with 'advertisement' of baby apparels and tools for montessori. A better option is to just check out the link above,the online pages have the latest write up without adverts.

Still reading the other books I borrowed. Will update later. :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some interesting books I found on Montessori

Like it or not, I realised that we are often influenced by what others say and what others think. Because Montessori is not widely understood and most of the schools which require higher running cost for the low teacher-student ratio and the tools required to train the child, the school fees is generally higher.

I guess the only way is to find out more for ourselves.
"Knowledge gives you wings... gives you confidence!" :)

So I search online and found these books, went to the bookstore to have a look... (a bit pricy to purchase, so I just read it there :) hhehe... Trying to borrow the following books from the Singapore Library, but most of it is on loan... hhmm must be pretty popular then.

Some links for books:
Montessori Books @
Montessori Books Australia

Photos from

Montessori Play And Learn: A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six by Lesley Britton

Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years: The Pre-School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock

Why Montessori? How to choose the right school? by Aisha

This book is written by a Malaysian lady who lived overseas for a couple of years, came back to Malaysia to work as a Lawyer. She later became a mother and was inspired to become a Montessori educator. In this book, she gives a good overview of Montessori and the comparison between Montessori and other pre-schools. It's a great guide for parents who really want to find out more for themselves.

How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin

Friday, November 21, 2008

We found our dream school for Tristan!

I've heard and seen the word Montessori several times but never really knew what it was all about. I thought its just a way of teaching kids to read with phonics and things.

But there's so much more to it.

I've been looking around for a school for Tristan, living in Johor Bahru there are so many pre-schools/nursery popping out of no where. After visiting a few, I was dishearted and was convinced I probably have to teach him myself at home. I was not satisfied with most of the schools I've been to. Here are just some thoughts about some of the schools I went:
(just my personal thoughts, if you want more information please contact the schools directly)
The first school I visited was HillTop- an established pre-school which was mainly catering to expatriates who lived in here. I liked the environment and my own brother attended the school about 20 years ago. The principal is an Australian lady who advocate the Australian style of teaching of teaching. In a happy and joyful environment, kids play and learn. Not much pressure and homework...etc

But downside is that for the class of 2+ I realised that Tristan probably wont be learning much. The schedule from 9-1pm include- eating twice a day, colouring, playing at the play ground, music room where they sing and dance to Hi-5 songs, probably a bit of story telling and art and craft and watching video: Barney! They dont start 'ABC' till 4+ which is 2 years later... hhhmmm

The teacher say that she wont be doing much in the first few months as she will let them adjust to the environment first. I was thinking to myself, he probably wont learn much from this, and he can pretty much watch Barney at home. I dont want to pay that money for him to watch it at school. They are charging about RM950.00 per term (about 3 months) It's slightly more expensive than a normal school which charges about RM250.

I walked passed another class 3+, the teacher was losing the children's interest and she 'threathen' them to sit down and listen if not no Lollipops! hhmm... And everyweek they get a 'goody' bag to bring home, containing sweets, lollies, chocolates, twisties... etc..

I dont mind these junk food once in a blue mooon when it's someones birthday or for a special occasion but not every week though. Cultivating a bad habit.

Although I like the culture, but it has not change for the past 20 yrs. Kids are smarter now, and they need new technologies or new methods to engage them and I believe that even at a young age like 3 years, they can learn a lot. I'm not saying to pressure them to learn, but to learn and develop at their pace and capacity. really take the opportunity and expose them to different things when their brain is still developing.
The rest of the schools, I am just going to run through them
CEC - It's run in a semi detached house/bangalow. They offer programs such as gym class, swimming lessons, Karate...etc
Cons: I didnt like the air in the place, was pretty stuffy and not well ventilated. When we met the teacher in charge, the first thing they talked to us about was the fees, very direct. And how we can get a month of tuition fee at RM250 waived if we introduce another child. "So if you introduce 12 children you dont need to pay any school fees for a year!" Hmmm...

HolyLight Kindergarten
It's a multistorey building... very much like a primary school setting. looks like they have a lot of students. I visited them in the holidays, so didn't really see how their classroom setting was like. The curriculum looks pretty good, they teach recognition of 'ABC' at 3 yrs and they have books and stuff for the kids to read and bring home. (looks more substantial)
cons: I wasnt' ready to send Tristan to a 'School' school. Looks like there are going to be too many kids, and Tristan is only 3 next yr. So... hhmm.. I looked on

Out of these schools Hilltop seem more suitable but I was not convinced that I should that Tristan there. Dishearted, I told myself this next one is going to be my last stop. If I am still not satisfied, I wont send Tristan till he is 4 or 5 yrs old.

Clover Learning Centre
This school is situated just walking distance from my home/my mom's home.
It says on the banner outside that its a Montessori school. I drove past it many times, but never called or walked in before. But since Chris is not working till 1pm, after breakfast, we brought Tristan along and dropped by the place.

Its' run in a terrace house in Taman Tasek, only a year old. Every time I drive passed I never seen any kids there. But my mom knew a lady who enrolled her child here and they live pretty far away. There must be something about this place that people are willing to travel to come. Well, I just wanted to clear my curiosity and tot to myself... no harm just paying a visit since it's so near.

They were having a 'Kindermusik' holiday program when we were there, and told us to come back in an hour so that they can talk to us further about the school and the programs. One of the teachers ( they call themselves directress instead of teacher-later I came to realise why) asked if we knew anything about 'Montessori' Chris and me exchange glances...not too sure and bit embarassed to not know.. Maybe we should have knew. So that hour that I was home, we looked up the internet and found these...

Montessori History and Characteristic
Montessori Vs Normal School
Kindermusik Asia

That was a lot to absorb, and this 'Montessori' concept seem deeper than just using phonics. We went back and was pleasely surprise with what we found out and saw.

The main owner/directress was there to meet us. She welcome us warmly to the school and passionately, she explain the 'Montessori' concept to us while she show us all the tools they use to engage and teach the child. I asked if this was applicable to my boy since he is currently only 2.5 yrs? I was happy to know that 'Yes' it was, Tristan will be able to learn all these things! and Mandarin and Kindermusik and probably Art- proper art like blending colours, shades...more suitable for 3yrs and beyond when they can hold the pencil properly and can draw real pictures.

While we were there, Tristan happily (with the permission of the directress of course) tried the blocks and tools there. He was very engage and learning a lot on his own, figuring way out to put the blocks back.

I was very happy and knew that Tristan will afterall learn things that he dont learn at home.

It's held in a small setting. A lot of attention from teacher. They call themself directress because they are there to direct the child to learn themselves, and just guide them along the way instead of just telling them wat to do and what is right and wrong.. ( they dont use the word WRONG there... they try and use encouraging words like: why dont you try it this way... or that's in-correct- a more positive choice of words)

And... no junk food! They prepare healthy breakfast for the kids first thing in the morning and parents are not allowed to put sweet packet drinks, twisties... sweets in their bag. And even on birthdays, parents are discourage to bring goody bags to school as it pressures other kids/parents to do the same. Which is great too.

Everything I looked for is all in one school!Hooray! Finally!
1)Things to learn at 3 yrs
2)Things that Tristan cant/ dont do at home
3)He will be guided to develop at his own pace with 1 to 1 attention from teachers
4)Will be taught independence when they are taught to correct themselves when they are incorrect.
5)Mandarin! Although he wont be writing yet, he will be taught with flash cards and expose to speaking and listening to Mandarin
6)Kindermusik: Proper music appreciation, learning notes, beats, rhythm, Classical Music, creating in the child an interest and joy in music instead of pressured to pass the music exams (that was me) or to perform.
7) Encourage healthy food-No Junk Food!
8) Building strong foundations of Maths, Science, Language, Geology...etc..
9) No homework-letting the child learn happily at his own pace and not killing the interest to go to school.

And I found a website that state all the benefits/characteristic of Montessori too.

25 Characteristics of Montessori
1. respect for the child
2. respect for one another
3. cultural diversity
4. universal adaptability
5. cosmic education
6. individuality
7. independence
8. freedom of choice
9. hands-on learning
10. love of work
11. care of oneself
12. spontaneous concentration
13. self-discipline
14. lessons of grace and courtesy
15. intrinsic motivation
16. initiative
17. prepared environment
18. didactic materials
19. integrated curriculum
20. sense of order
21. heterogeneous grouping
22. refinement of the senses
23. movement
24. auto education
25. teacher as facilitator

It's a wow! really.. I never knew this place existed or this type of child education concept existed. It's just what I have been looking for.

Ok ok.. coming back from Cloud9, this all sounds so good. Chris asked me all these aside, are we really sure these promises weren't just sales talk? hhmm.. I thought. Well, one of the reason why I trust this place is because of Chaz Yee. I am influenced and inspired by her passion for this Montessori School. She has very strong and good principles that she carries for this school. And I am inline with what she does for the school too.

So we are going to enrol Tristan for Jan 2009 tomorrow morning. Excitement aside, we will see how Tristan feels and adapt to the school.

Last thing is the fees! It's actually more pricy than the other schools we've seen. It's RM1500.00 per term. But this include breakfast everyday, and Kindermusik and Mandarin, and since it's so near.. dont need transport fees too. So this is it!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Art & Craft :)

It's been a while since I last blogged here, busy with building up my other website/blog/shop at :)

I've always liked Art & Craft myself and believe that it can really bring out the imagination, creativity and handy craft skills in a child or even the adult. And you have so much fun doing it! So here's an attempt with my little boy yesterday.

I search online and found this great website with activities for toddlers.
Toddler Activities

We tried the one where you stick a marker pen onto the front of a toy car and roll it around on the paper to make patterns. Tristan is crazy about cars, so he enjoyed rolling his 'Mater Tow Truck' and making patterns on the paper. :)

Then we tried this other craft from my memory.
It's a type of paper weaving. I was clearing out some old magazines and found some nice colourful pictures, tore it out and kept it for a art n craft activity. This is the picture we used.

First we drew horizontal lines on the paper and cut it into equal stripes. I used the width of a small ruler for easy measurement.

Second, take a piece of white A4 paper, leaving a border, draw vertical lines -same width as the 'strawberry' strips of paper. Use a pen knife and cut along the lines. ( Don't cut the borders :)

Then you can start weaving each strip of 'strawberry' paper up and down through the white paper.

Here's Tristan helping mama put in the strips of strawberry paper.

Here's how the end product looks like, and Tristan was ready to show it off to his father and grandparents! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Great Expectation

Ha.. tot I will be more diligent and update this second pregnancy blog of mine more often, oh well I guess things are a little different second time round.

'Tired' is the key word! Constantly! I really wonder how other mothers cope with a 3rd or 4th...etc. It's not so much the pregnancy that is tiring, but it's the 'being pregnant and still need to tend to a super active toddler' part that is the more energy consuming. And also wanting to spend more time with the first one before the second one arrives. So here I am at the 7th Month of my pregnancy and only 2 more months to go!

Time flies, really. Week after week... and I am so close to the end of my second pregnancy that I really don't know what to expect this time round. And frankly, I am no where near prepared. Mentally not prepared for the labour and tending to a newborn, the sleepless nights ahead...etc. And since me and my sister in law is giving birth on the same month, ( her fourth girl- I take my hats off her! she's my idol. ) we cant borrow her crib or clothes or all the baby stuff. Nothing is prepared physically yet. No baby bed, haven't taken out the limited newborn clothes I have bought previously, the broken breast pump that needs repair...etc...etc...
I cant even remember the signs to look out for when I am in labour and no time to really sit down and plan what else needs to be done. Oh no... time is running out!

The other thing that is worrying me is how Tristan will react when the new baby is here, and how I am going to cope with it? I am no where near reading the chapter on toddler rival from my "Baby makes four" book that I got months ago. The only preparation I did was getting my husband to take on more roles with Tristan like bathing and cleaning Tristan, making milk for him and more father and son alone time.
And part of me wish to spend more time with him, other part wants to earn some more income before no.2 arrives. Cos I dont think I'll or have the means to go back to work then.

So... here I am at the last 2 months of my pregnancy and I guess I wont be filling up this blog as much as I wish. Here's a summary of events that happened in the last few months.

25/06/08 Tristan weaned...
:(...:)- missed it, but happy to take a break before no.2 arrives.

5/07/08 Baby kicked last week

13/07/08 It's a boy
(Yes we are having another boy. No real expectation of girl/boy, just pray for a normal healthy child. But seeing other little baby girls make me think of trying for another one ... we'll see how I go with 2 first :)

Till the next time. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maze & Flash Cards :)

My mom recorded one of the Channel 8 show on Smart Baby that was aired on few Saturdays ago regarding training toddler right brain with Flash cards and maze. I am amazed at how smart these kids on TV are. A 2 year old could recite all the things he sees on the flash cards and a 6 year old reading Enid Blyton books and her memory of things is just simply....(what's another word for amazing.. hhmm..) oh well.. simply amazing.

I promise myself not to get hooked up with the 'kiasu' world outside and pressurize my kids to excel above their limits and age. And also not to send them to every tuition and classes under the sun. But I am passionate about teaching and educating my child and I believe learning should be fun and enjoyable. And not under tremendous stress to excel and achieve excellence.

Instead of sending him to these highly commercialized right brain training centres.. and mind you it's not cheap at all. I decided to just go to the local stores and find some good yet affordable flash cards with clear pictures and search online for more information. I found a pack of 32 flash cards on vegetable and fruits for just RM7.90 cheap cheap.. and some smaller size flash cards from Giant Hyper mart for only less than RM10. great deal:)

And look what I've found online that's free... :)

So far I tried him on the flash cards he enjoys them and is doing pretty well. My printer isn't working so I just started drawing my own maze like how to drive the card back home, and how to bring the rabbit to eat the carrot..etc..Oh ya, I bought a 40 pages draw and wipe book the other day for about S$12, and me and my son absolutely love it... I think I get more excited then him. I will give you more details on this book soon.. it's available online too. I love to see Tristan learn and get interested in things. I think it's our job as parents to encourage them to love learning and while learning have fun and enjoy what they do.

I just like to leave a quote here :"
"Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasure and enable mankind to benefit therefrom." ~Bahá'u'lláh

I started another blog on spiritual education of children under

Here I plan to include many virtues, art and craft materials and great link in education of children.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blocked ears and stuffy nose during pregnancy?

I had blocked nose and ears last week, I thought it was just normal flu. But today my ears are blocked again but no runny or blocked nose. Ah... so irritating, thought something wrong with me, I cant hear very well.

I just tried my luck to see if it has anything to do with being pregnant, well surprisingly, it does! Check this out...

"Because more blood is being pumped, the lining of the airways receives more blood and swells somewhat, narrowing the airways. As a result, the nose occasionally feels stuffy, and the eustachian tubes (which connect the middle ear and back of the nose) may become blocked. These effects can slightly change the tone and quality of the woman's voice."

Click here to read further

Blocked Ears and Nose during Pregnancy

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cranky 2 year old!

Tristan cried non-stop just before he fell asleep at 11pm and seem extra temperamental throughout the day.

We are all so tired from a full day's activity which included a Spastic Charity Fun-Fair from 7:30am-10:30am, rushed back home and got ready to leave for my eldest sister in law's twin girls full moon party, which lasted till about 4pm and we went on to shopping at Orchard Road-Great Singapore Sale until 11pm at night.

Being so drained out of energy plus a cranky 2 year old who requested & threw his temper around to get what he wanted, I lost my temper. Tristan cried and cried till he choke... cough and vomit! He look so poor thing... but I was too tired and angry to feel sympathetic for him. Now that he is asleep finally... I reviewed the days' activities... realised it's too much for the little one. He must be exhausted. Really a child's time-table/schedule should not be too filled with activities, and should include a time where he really takes a proper nap and rest.

Mistake that we made included not bringing a baby sling or baby pram for the shopping trip. Chris and I ended up with tired arms and back, and an interrupted extra non-productive shopping. Running after a 2 year old and calming a tired and cranky child can really take up all your energy.

Here's what I found re:

"How Do I Deal With My Child’s Temper Tantrums?"


Oh well... lesson learned. No more long day filled with activities. Plan for naps and rest times. Remember to bring baby sling & pram-since now that I am pregnant and Tristan is getting heavier!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Wow... 2 blogs in a day?... hhmmm...cant sleep- nose is congested ... Decide to research on something which I wanted to do long ago.

Breastfeeding during Pregnancy.

I received a lot of concern from family and friends re: me breastfeeding during pregnancy. Most are worried for my depleting health, priority should go to the baby in my womb, and I should wean Tristan off.

Once again, lucky for me that I have my sister in law as a role model. She continued nursing her first one ( then about 1 and half years ) while pregnant, and continue breastfeeding both till about 3-4 years of age. So being pregnant does not seem to be a good reason to stop breastfeeding.

But I didn't have knowledge to back me up, so I got swayed away... reducing breastfeeding and actually thinking of weaning. Actually I don't mind the weaning part, it's just that I wish the decision to wean is between me and Tristan rather than doing it because of external pressure. I prefer to let him lead the weaning off breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is more than just a source of food and nutrition anymore, it's about the relationship and the bond between me and my son. I still want to continue to this relationship as long as we both want it.

Here are some interesting information that I found that really clear my doubts on whether it is safe to continue breastfeeding, whether is it ok, whether mother's or the health of the baby in the womb will be affected, and what nutrition should the nursing mother be aware of.
Kellymom: Nursing for two

Nurtrition for Mom

Feeling pregnant.

I finally feel that I am pregnant. Why?
Tired easily, cant exert myself too much without feeling some pressure on the abdomen. Wonder if this is partly psychological, because before I realize that I was pregnant, I was doing everything under the sun. Probably a lot of things that I shouldn't be doing like skipping meals and late nights editing website, stressing over work and stuff.

I was wondering why I am feeling so tired as compared to my previous pregnancy, where I was working full time, siting on a desk for 9 hours 5 days a week till I was 8 months pregnant, traveling via public transport through the Singapore-Malaysia Customs even walking across the 2KM Causeway when the traffic was bad. Now I cant even sit down in front of the computer for more than 2 hours, I get this uncomfortable pressure at the abdomen and I have to go lie down.

During the last visit to the Dr's last Friday, I asked if there was anything wrong and why I was feeling so tired easily. She said that I don't realize it but for the 1st pregnancy, all I have to do after work is go home and rest, sleep & watch Korean Series :) . But now, I have to take care of my little monster :) Which actually consumes more energy, instead of a 9 hours job it's now 24 hours 7 days a week. Luckily I still have a nanny to help me out. If not I will be flat out everyday.

Trying to do less and rest more, so here I am in a messy room full of laundry that is still not folded and kept away, table piled up with documents and papers, reminder letters for for Credit Card bills payments.....etc. ( Just the Annual Fee which I dont plan to pay... heheh)

Just returned from a 6 days trip to the Villages of Kuching, Sarawak.
( I still cant imagine I did all that while 2.5 months pregnant AND a super active 2 year old! Will load the pictures soon :)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tristan new hair cut! :)

Tristan's hair is getting long and thick. Everytime he sweats, the hair tickles his ears and he will scratch the back of his ears until it bleeds, not joking! And every time he sweats, his hair stinks. But when you ask him if he wants to cut his hair he says "mai" (Hokkien for 'NO') or " I DONT WANT!" One of his favourite verse lately.
So I am on a mission to bring him to the dreaded Hair Saloon. His greatest fear!
Here's Tristan at the gate of the home operated hair saloon near my home, still unsure what's going on... hhmmm...

And hmmm after a violent struggle,screams and tears-> here's the after shot! Look at the expression!

Poor thing, he's really scared of those Electric Shaver (what are those call again?), after the hair cut, he was cold and trembling... a fear that hopefully he will soon overcome...
Personally his papa and I liked his old hair, got character and it bounce when he runs. I wanted to just give him a trim, but with the way he is struggled... no choice, no time to explain to hair dresser what hair cut to give him too. So... here's the new spiky look!

After cut comments from families and friends:
He looks like a army boy, botak,( my mother in law came up with a rhyme: Botak head, Nineteen Forty Eight), looks more matured, handsome, China boy, looks more mischievous.


Friday, May 16, 2008

We are pregnant !

Past 2 months have been so hectic that I forgot that I have missed my period. Got a pregnant test last week &...result is POSITIVE! It came as a surprise for both me and Chris. We are both happy coupled with excitement & fear. Reminded ourselves that we are going through everything all over again!

Being 2nd time pregnant, I'm actually more nervous then before. The first time round it was pretty blissful and smooth. And that was because.. "ignorance is bliss" now that I know what's going to happen, and what to expect... hhmmm.. I'm feeling a bit scared.

Excitement aside, I experienced some cramps and discomfort at the abdominal area and bleeding. Very worried, trying to rest as much as I can and pray the bleeding stops.

I searched online and read up on some information on Bleeding During Pregnancy.

From the American Pregnancy Association

Bleeding During Pregnancy


Bleeding during pregnancy: Why it happens, what to do


Vaginal spotting or bleeding during pregnancy


Pray that baby stay strong.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bimonthly blog entry?

It's been 2 months since my last blog, dont know if time is simply passing by too quickly or I've just been so caught up with 'life'.It's almost May! Half the year is almost over.

Last 2 months pretty hectic.
Tristan's 2nd birthday 17th April 08 (Celebrated on 13th April 08)
My birthday (20+th Birthday :)23rd April 08
The Busiest event of all was the MummyHugs Mami Baby Fair 18th-20th April 08

Getting some photos ready, will upload it in a while.
(continue later)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Frustrated with your baby or toddler not eating vegetables?

Welcome aboard motherhood!
Long before I become a mom, I love kids (Dont get me wrong,I still love them.. please read on :), get along well with them and even play like a kid.. I still do:) I have a brother who is 14 years younger than me, so I had a fair share of 'mothering' my younger brother. But but.. nothing of that sort of experience will ever get you ready for MOTHERHOOD!

As a first time mother, I guess any new mom, in fact, will be overwhelm by the first born. Immediately after birth, we are thrown into the very first issue that will pretty much bother us for a loong loong time, 'feeding the baby'! Initially was the troubles and challenges of breastfeeding.. then after I got the hang of it and started to enjoy it, it's time for solids! If you have a baby who just have no problem with food, eat whatever that is placed in front of him, loves greens, veges and fruit. You are very blessed! At about 8-12mths, Tristan was an angel! He loves anything placed in front of him, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Banana..etc. I thought I was lucky and blessed. But but... didnt last very long. So for those of you who are currently blessed... it may not last very long, so enjoy it while you can!

The only vege he loves now is Carrot, so if he is starting to look orange more and more, it's probably because of the carrot. Well at least he loves carrot for the moment. I am trying to chop up the other vege and feed him, sometimes it works, sometime 'my little monster' just refuse! Talk about frustrations. Never knew I will be so worried about his food.

Soooooooo... What should you do with a picky eater? How to make him eat vege and fruits?

Before we jump into it, I will just like to point out something which I just learnt.
Taken from La Leche League International: The Breastfeeding Answer Book 2007
0-6 months: Medical Scientist agree that human milk is nature's complete food for ar least the first six months for the healthy, full-term infant, and significant disadvantages have been found to introducing other food before that time.

It used to be around 4-6 months of age, but it now reccomended by American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organsization to delay introducing solids for a full six months(2001).

Advatages to delay introducing solids to 6 months and exlusive breastfeeding include: ( here are just some of them, there are more)
- accelerated neuromotor development
- less infectious disease, especialy diarrhea
- decrease risk of ear infection
- decreased risk of developing allergies
- increased ability to disgest solid
- gives baby needed immunologic protection
- enjoy delay in the retun of their fertility
- more rapid weight loss

ok... back to eating greens...If you are also struggling like me or just want something creative and interesting to give your little one, check this out.

I just came across Jessica Seinfield's review and recipe from her book Deceptially Delicious on She feed her children Chicken nuggets, Macoroni and Cheese, Chocolate brownies! Dont be alarm with these delicious yet sinful food, there are vegetable goodies in them. Chicken Nuggets (with Broccoli or Spinach or Sweet Potato or Beet), Macaroni and Cheese 1 (with Butternut Squash or Cauliflower) and Brownies (with Carrot and Spinach).

She also hides cauliflower puree in her scramble egg which provides kids with half the daily value for vitamin C. With more than 19 grams of protein per serving, these scrambled eggs pack a powerful protein punch!

Check out this link for her recipes.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Need to Slow down and start blogging again.

Ha... it's been months literally since my last blog. There's just too much going on that I have not much time to sit down, reflect and write. We travelled to Vietnam in Oct07, Cambodia in Nov07 and Macau in Dec07. Together with all these vacations was visits from relatives and close kins from overseas and not to mention festive season! Christmas, Birthdays, New Year and the Chinese Lunar New Year! I wonder when is it ever going to slow down? Guess it probably is never going to slow down, but I have to learn to slow down myself and get organized!
Anyway, guess what, I just google " blog slow down" and I came across this blog which I thought are just brilliant. Frugal Parenting which have many creative ideas to save and manage finances & famly life. This blog then led me to discover so many other blogs that are so useful to blogging. There's  ProBlogger which has valuable advices on blogging and tips to help you make money blogging, CopyBlogger which gives copywriting tips for online marketing success, there's  FeedBurnerStatCounter which I have not quite figured out what it is all about, but looks like all the blogs that I have came across have this little RSS Feed icon  I'm probably missing something big from there.

The list is endless.
I will explore further and see what treasures I have! Update soon.


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