Monday, June 08, 2009

Kindermusik in Johor Bahru!

I've finally completed my Kindermusik assignments and submitted to be a licensed Kindermusik Educator! I'll began teaching in July09!

Brief introduction on what Kindermusik Class is about:
-Music Class for 0-7 year olds (click here to see what are the curricula for each age group )
-More than just music, this class will help your child develop Physically, Intellectually, Literacy,Emotionally, Socially & Musically
-Curricula is well planned and based on Child Developmental Experts. So each activity and song that is taught is purposeful and stimulates your child in more than one way.
-Bonding with Parent as parent attends class with child and continue to bond at home with a take away Home material (include CDs with songs featured in class,Books and a Musical instrument)
-Enkindle a lifelong love for music: joyful experience rather than pressure to perform.
(I was one of those private piano lesson child who dreaded practicing and learning just to pass the exams, as a result I don't touch the piano much after I completed the exams. I think I associate the fear and stress with piano, sadly. I still love music but I still cant enjoy and play piano as well as I wish. So Kindermusik is really different and I personally experience it with my 2 sons :)

More information visit this website to find out more: Kindermusik Asia OR Kindermusik International

There'll be 2 exciting classes in July09
Kindermusik Village 0-1.5 yr olds
Kindermusik Our Time 1.5-3yr olds

If you are interested to find out more email me :)

Just to share some of my personal experience with Kindermusik and the effect on my 2 boys! Here are just some of their progress Tristan n Trevor's progress...

My 3 year old Tristan

Tristan is the type that only participates in class when he wants to OR when he is more familiar with the people in his class, but he sure is alert and learning throughout the class. I'm pleasantly surprise with his memory and how much he actually remembers! I took out the Kindermusik Our Time (Kindermusik Class for 1.5-3yr olds) - Away We Go activity booklet and he can remember the hello song, goodbye song, tommy thumbs up, jingle jingle go the car keys, ...etc so much more.. and all this with right tunes and almost 95% of the lyrics! And his fine motor skills with the tommy thumbs up is good. We did Tommy Thumbs up with our toes! We call it Tutu Toes and tried to let our toes touch our head and shoulders. Had a great laugh.

In the home material activity booklet ( by the way great book! and great ideas for mummys to connect and play with child) there's a page with picture of racing car, train, aeroplane and boat. The suggested activity ask mummy to ask child if they can remember any songs with each of the transport. I thought... wah... this is tough, but gave it a shot. I asked Tristan and gave him an example of boat.. I tot " Row row row your boat.." next Train... Opp.. cant think of any.. I was going to skip it when Tristan sang.."Thomas and his friends". And for Racing car.. his favourite car show" Roary the racing car".. and last was a rhyme about plane- probably from his ABC Music & Me (aKindermusik Lesson in a Pre-school without parent attending) class.

So wow! just 2 classes and he learns so much. AND.. he still remembers most of the songs from all his ABC Music & Me (he started in Jan 09) and Zoo Train songs (we attended a Kindermusik Adventure- 5 lessons holiday camp in March, we both love it) . Children learn so well when they enjoy the experience and when they get to share their experience with their mummy and daddies at home.

My 5 1/2 month Trevor
I conducted a Kindermusik Village trial class 2weeks ago and I started singing to him after a few bath time with 'Tell me why' song while I did some baby massage.. and Skinnamarink - a song where we both dance and say I love you... And I think he remembers them cos he look so calm and happy whenever these songs are sung. and I'm surprise he is pretty cooperative in class too. ( or just my luck that he is in a good mood... But I think it definitely have something to do with the music.) Will monitor and see how he goes in weeks to come :)

It's never too early to start introducing music to your child. The earlier the better. I'm sure many are aware of how prenatal musical experience benefit the child even before he/she is born. AND the building of the brain continues after birth, music being proven to stimulate the brain in everyway is the best you can use to stimulate your child and encourage development of the brain. Not being 'KIA SU' but giving your child the best possible start in life and maximising his/her fullest brain potential is one of the greatest gift for your child. All this while having fun and enjoying your time with you child. No pressure or stress to perform.

So don't wait, join the Kindermusik class or start introducing some form of music for your child!


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