Monday, June 21, 2010

Nursing beyond one year any benefit?

Trevor is 18 months today and I'm still nursing him99%. Only offer formula when I'm away or when my nipple is very sore and need to rest.

Coincidentally 2 person asked me if I was going to stop breastfeeding last week since Trevor is already over one year, telling me that there's no more value in breast milk after one year. If you think there's no value in breastfeeding after a year, wait, check this out :)

Interesting articles about nursing beyond one year:)

Contrary to common belief and some doctor's advice to stop nursing beyond a year, they might be misinformed. This is what research has shown. World Health Organisation also recommends nursing 2 years and beyond.

La Leche League International

What Research Shows

Research shows that babies may benefit from nursing beyond one year. One benefit is nutrition. Research has shown that second-year milk is very similar to the first-year milk nutritionally (Victora, 1984). Even after two years or more it continues to be a valuable source of protein, fat, calcium, and vitamins (Jelliffe and Jelliffe, 1978).

A second benefit is immunity to disease.

A third health benefit is avoidance of allergies.

Psychological Considerations

Any mother who has nursed an older baby knows the tenderness and feelings of closeness generated by nursing a little one who is old enough to talk about it. We don't need medical journals to tell us it's rewarding for mother and baby.


Visit the link to find out the TRUTH about these MYTHs.

MYTH: Mother’s milk becomes less nutritious after the first year.

MYTH: The immunities in mother’s milk are insignificant after the first few months.

MYTH: Extended breastfeeding makes a child overly dependent and can cause psychological harm.

Nursing After the First Year

I nursed Tristan till he was 26 months and self weaned when I was 3 months pregnant with Trevor. Due to hormonal changes, my milk supply when down and probably taste different ( judging from Tristan reaction when he suckled, let go and looked at my nipple with a weird face. ) He stop asking to nurse after that.

I am still nursing Trevor till as long as he wants and as long as I still have milk. :)


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