Friday, January 26, 2007

Can we have more than 24 hours a day?

Tues 12th Dec 2006 Fine weather
Why we only have 24 hours a day? If only we have a bit more time... just a bit more time. more time to spend with my little one and more time to earn some extra income that will sustain and grow. And hopefully by 2 years when Chris & I plan for a 2nd one, I can be a stay at home mom. Work from home. YEAH!!! SO wait for my grand opening of my little side business. I wont let the cat out of the bag first. probably by end Jan07, I can get it started. All this inspiration came from my little Tristan and becoming a mom, wanting to spend more time with him. So STAY TUNE! :)
By right, 8 Hours-work, 8 Hours-play, 8 Hours-Sleep should be enough, but I always wonder where my play and sleep hours go to. All those who knows me will be screaming..." because you do things so slow.....!!!!!!" okok.. I know, I am a bit slow. Cant help it, it's in my blood, maybe my blood flows slower so my brain response a bit slower, therefore my actions. I am trying... I dont know why I cant seem to get more efficient and organise, and do things faster. ( haha.. my husband will be laughing now... me.. fast? on time?)
Anyone has a good time management program that will help me? Let me know! :)
So... Tristan is almost almost 8MONTHS~!!!(just 6 more days! Wow... time flies! He is crawling and holding on to things and standing already. He is fascinated when he grabs something, drop it and see where it goes. When you pick it up, he drops it again and again... funny how babies are fascinated by all things... hhmm maybe he is discovering gravity, like Isaac Newton and his apple. Wow, so babies are pretty smart huh?
Opps... But due to the fault of the mommy (me) He discovered gravity the hard way. I left him on the bed to go grab a towel from the bathroom, but as soon as I grab the towel, I heard the loud sickening THUD! more like.. TONGgg... and I drop my towel and ran... somehow I saw it coming. I knew what happened. I saw my little one on the floor... HIs face red in shock and seconds later... scream his lungs out. Luckily nothing serious happened, he had a little bum on this forehead. Poor thing. I feel so guilty. And trust me... this little prince of mine have grandpas & grandmas on his side... so I got rprimanded for my carelessness. Not forgeting the father and my nanny too. Hai... I have to be more careful in the future. Forgive me my precious!
Shirin 5:00pm

14 NOV 2006 No money no time?

Tues 14th Nov 2006 Fine weather
No money no time? how true is that?
Before becoming a mom, I use to think that money is not the most important thing in life. We can live happily with or without money. Oh well... reality is totally different, we live in a real world. We need money to survive.
I didnt follow my parents' footstep in their line of business because I always wish they had more time for us. Now, I am scared that I will fall into the same trap of working to get more money, working harder and longer hours compromising time with my love ones... :( How many of us are doing this?? I now feel that I need more money to start my home, my children, better life, better lifestyle. And also sad to say many family issues sprung from financial problem.
Well I grew from, " I dont need more money to be happy" to " Money can make life more comfortable" to "better make more money for the future". And I pray and hope that I wont fall into the trap of being too attached to it without realising it! That's worst.
I want to work towards finding a way to work from home. Working while spending precious time with my little one. Nothing beats beign there for your love ones. Not Money Definately. So anyone has any ideas let me know. :o)
Shirin 11:25am

09 NOV 2006 Just another day in paradise ;o)

Thursday 9th Nov 2006 .not sunny, not rainy.just nice.
It's another wonderful day in good old JB city. Well maybe you'll ask what's so wonderful about today or JB? Well this is wisdom from my YOGA teacher. She'll ask us how are we today... some say fine, some say ok, some say not so good, etc... wonder why she asked? She says this is related to our subconsciousness or state of mind. If we say it's a wonderful day, it will be. Even if something unexpected happens, you'll take it positively and learn from it. If you say the day is ok.. then your day becomes ok.. if you wake up in the morning and while brushin ur teeth, your tooth brush broke... you tell yourself it's a bad omen, today will be bad luck. Then your day will be rotten. Your state of mind also attract similar feelings around you, if you feel positive, you wil attract positive people and positive things. So ... let me ask you... HOW ARE YOU TODAY???
My little Tristan is beginning to recognise people already. If you leave him on the bed and walk away from the toom, he starts crying... once you turn to him he stops. He's in such a cheeky and playful mood these days, little things tickles him and he will laugh like crazy... feel blessed to have such a happy baby.
Shirin 10:36am

07 NOV 2006 Tristan is almost crawling!

Tues 7th Nov 2006 Rainy Day
Ha ! My son is almost crawling!!! we are so excited. He lifts this head high up in the air and then tries to move his little chubby leg forward, when he manage to get up on all fours, he wobbles and bounce forward and backward (goyang goyang...) then collapse, tired.. and then get up again! heheh... so cute.
Dont know where he learnt to stick his tongue out, he started doing this on Thursday last week. Licking his lips like he is drooling for some yummy food. And now is the age where he is so confident about this hand that he grabs anything within his reach and sight. After succesfully grabbing it, he will put it straight into his mouth! wonder what everythign taste like.... anything for that matter!... so beware of your belongings especially spectacles, dont end up like his previous victims.. His father, Gong Gong & Ye Ye (both his grandfather!)
Shirin... :o)11:30am

19 SEP 2006 New Chapter of my life :o)

Tues 19th Sept 2006 Sunny
Another chapter of my life has just began, I am officially a student advisor at Studylink JB. So anyone who is interested to further your studies or have any friends or relatives goin on to college of uni, local or overseas, let me know :o) we do counselling to application to visa to accomodation to flight tickets, ANything from A-Z regarding further studies. you name it we do it :o)
( ehhehe.. ok, that's the end of the advertisement )
Life's pretty good, work is much more relax than my previous job, and I see lots of potential in this place and lots of things we can do that we can do to make this place more appealing to students. So we'll see.. ;o)
Tristan is 5 months and 2 days old already. time flies, he looks like a big boy now. I wish I can spent more time with him. Every mother's guilt?
Well, he is not interested to flip over yet. But he is getting cuter each day and learning things really fast. He tried to put his hand up when we raise our hands to high five! And he's started to take a bit of rice cereal yesterday too.
... He's growing real fast... I hope to be there for all his first moments. First word, first flip over, first crawl, first taste of different food, first step.. etc..etc...
alright then.. gotta get back to work. will update more..

05 SEP 2006 Last few days at work...

Tuesday 5th September 2006 Bit Rainy.
Dear diary, It's my 4th last day at work, 3 more days to go. Feeling all scared of leaving my comfort zone, and I will be missing the people I work with. ( The only thing I will be missing, & besides the free drinks from the vending machine for milo and Chrysanthemum Tea:o) I know I am making the right choice but yet, I am feeling scared & guilty for leaving a good "SECURE" job.Work aside, my little baby has tasted his first solid food, baby rice fine cereal. He got a bit confuse with the spoon and didnt really know what he suppose to do with the food on his tongue. So most of the cereal ended up around his mouth and on his bib ;o) I read in the little booklet on baby development that at 4 mths, baby will discoer his hands and feet. :o) it's so true, I like the way it's described. so cute... Tristan realise that he has hands and feet, and he knows that if he concentrate enough he could move his hands to grab something. Today, he also started to grab his little feet and on top of tasting rice cereal, he tasted his toes for the first time too!!!eyes closing... heading for bed now.. nite nite.

Shirin 2:28am

30 AUG 2006 Here's a quick blog

Wed 30th August 2006 Rainy day

Here's a quick blog, gotta rush of to work.. at 3pm? yes... I work night shift-part time. I leave about 3:30pm for a 6-10pm shift in Singapore and return home about 12:30pm.. that is almost 5 hours of traveling for a 4 huors job!!! ahhh... crazy isnt it.. I take bus, get up & down the customs & train and bus again... both ways... its just so tiring.. and I have a little one to take care of when I come back.. so it's not much of a rest at night too.Anyway.. my last 6 days on this job! Bit scared of leaving... but at the same time happy & releived. during one of my 'travels' I was talking to a taxi driver... ( mind you taxi drivers are pretty inspirational too :o) hehhe... was complaining how tired I was travelling up & down. HE said this:" If you have a goal, then it's alright, you wont feel tired" in mandarin. "You mu biao jiu bu hui lei"IT striked me... that I dont really have a goal.. no wonder I was feeling so tired. Chris & I decided to write down some goals. :o) & just maybe we wont feel tired anymore..:o)Shirin3pm

26 AUG 2006 First POST transfer from Friendster :o)

SAT 26th August 2006 Sunny day

Finally got to sit down and write my first blog at friendster ;o)
after weeks of procrastinating... well not because I am such a lazzy bum... but I AM A MOM!!!

Today is Gavin, our friend Shoghi & Ernie's 2nd son's 1st birthday :o) Just realised that in a matter of a few short years, life have changed tremendously. My birthday used to be one of the most important event of the year, but now... my birthday seems pretty insignificant with so many little bundle of joy popping out of no where ;o)

From being a carefree student, worrying about exams and boyfriends and friends... to finishing college, university, getting my first job, getting engaged and married... AND.. pregnant and... now a mother of a four month old in a matter of 3 short years?!?!? wow.. .come to think of it I've accomplished quite a lot in these years.

After becoming a mother, my lifestyle have changed so much I cant remember how it used to be when I was single ;o) I am not complaining, just constantly feeling tired and wishing there were 48 hours in a day instead.(my genie.. where are you??)

My shopping now revolves around Toy 'R' us, Kiddy palace, mothercare and any baby section of the mall, our outings revolves around 'baby' friendly places and even the magazines I read changed from CLEO, Marie Claire to Youngparents, Mother & baby... and so on.

There's a children song from PEACE PACK CD, lyrics goes like this... " changes are a part of life... gotta change so we can survive .." very simple yet it's meaning.. deep... Some of us are so comfortable where we are that we dont want to change. Even if we are so unhappy. Change is a very scary and at the same time challenging & exciting thing.

I just resigned from my comfortable, well paying job. After working in this line for nearly 2 years ( serving credit card customers in the bank) I find it hard to motivate myself everyday and always complain my daily unhappiness to my dear husband, Chris. But something he said striked me... something pretty profound coming from Chris..heheh... ( he is always giving me pleasant surprises ;o)

Work is work... it's a repetition of a series of task and a responsibility. to be happy at your job means to constantly strive for excellence. This is how everyone contributes to the society. :o)

It's hard to always imagine that the job that I do everyday is actually contributin to the society and making the world a better place. hard but.. I will try and remind myself everyday. what about you?

Shirin... :o)


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