Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tristan wrote his own name!

Tristan & I were at Kinokuniya Bookstore last year browsing and trying to get a gift for a friend. Tristan made me buy him a 'Lightning McQueen Annual book' which cost me Singapore $25 ( for a magazine?!?!!) Oh well...what's a mother to do.. when he flashed his smile and said: 'please...' Or was it whining & fussing until everyone was looking at us..??hhmm.. cant really recall was 8 months pregnant then.

I read the book to him everytime we opened the first page- which writes "This book belongs to:____" I tell him this is where you write your name. But I never got down to writing his name.

About 2 weeks back, he quietly went to his cupboard of stationaries and picked up a pencil. Lying down on the floor and started writing. I thought he was scribing on his 'expensive' book... wanted to scream at him! But I was pleasantly surprised... wow.. he started to write his name without help!
Cool huh? Just 6 months in school and he barely turned 3 years old!
Thanks to the teachers at Clover Learning Centre. They taught him well! (Free promotion for the school.. haha.. I should be paid!)


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