Thursday, July 12, 2007

A six month break. I'm back!

Thurs 12th July 2007 Fine weather

Guess what? I quit! Yes I threw in my resignation letter yesterday, finally. Chris has been telling me to do that a month ago, but I thought I will wait and see... wait.. wait... not sure what I am waiting for. I guess I didnt want to be a 'quit-er' or I thought I should achieve something before I leave.

Well i finally have the courage to say.. that's enough, I have better things to do with my time and my life. The main reason I left my singapore job was so that I can move back to JB and spend more time with my son... now 15 months ( time flies) but I have not been spending as much time as I wish I had. So I told myself, Tristan is growing everyday and if I dont spend more time with him now, I will end up regretting. SO now I AM A FREE WOMAN! ( hhm sounds a bit weird, a free man sounds better.. but you get wat I mean :)

I have so many plans ahead.
First I am going to spend more time with my son, create a schedule and be more discipline in terms of rountines. Sleep early, wake up early, eat healthily, read and play together with him. Be organise with my time as well.
2nd I am going to launch my business full force and officially., look for oppurtunities to expand and do some R&D.
3rd I am going to put more effort and be more organise with Bahai children class, Bahai admin work and set up a youth group.
4th Exercise! I am going to do Yoga at least 2 times a week, take up golf again.
5th Start a playgroup with friends and babies.

hhmmm..I just looked at my new year resolution for this year... sounds pretty similar to wat I wrote here... This time I am sure that I am going to actually fullfill some resolution for a change! Wish me luck & determination and perserverance!

To the new chapter of my life.. here I come! YEAH!!!!


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