Saturday, October 04, 2008

Art & Craft :)

It's been a while since I last blogged here, busy with building up my other website/blog/shop at :)

I've always liked Art & Craft myself and believe that it can really bring out the imagination, creativity and handy craft skills in a child or even the adult. And you have so much fun doing it! So here's an attempt with my little boy yesterday.

I search online and found this great website with activities for toddlers.
Toddler Activities

We tried the one where you stick a marker pen onto the front of a toy car and roll it around on the paper to make patterns. Tristan is crazy about cars, so he enjoyed rolling his 'Mater Tow Truck' and making patterns on the paper. :)

Then we tried this other craft from my memory.
It's a type of paper weaving. I was clearing out some old magazines and found some nice colourful pictures, tore it out and kept it for a art n craft activity. This is the picture we used.

First we drew horizontal lines on the paper and cut it into equal stripes. I used the width of a small ruler for easy measurement.

Second, take a piece of white A4 paper, leaving a border, draw vertical lines -same width as the 'strawberry' strips of paper. Use a pen knife and cut along the lines. ( Don't cut the borders :)

Then you can start weaving each strip of 'strawberry' paper up and down through the white paper.

Here's Tristan helping mama put in the strips of strawberry paper.

Here's how the end product looks like, and Tristan was ready to show it off to his father and grandparents! :)

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Vivian Mak said...

your boy sure looks tan.. like a japanese - handsome! :)

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