Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to school!

January 2011 marks a new beginning for me as I undertake quite a number of new challenges! I'm back to school, taking Diploma of Montessori at MMI Singapore. And I'm teaching at Clover Learning Centre as a Part time Montessori Teacher along side Tristan (and this is on top of running the MummyHugs business & taking care of 2 kids-thank God I have a wonderful nanny & family to help out). 24 hours a day is not enough!!!

I'm trying to stay calm and collected as I take on everything. Some people says I'm crazy and I should wait till the kids are older. Well they are right about me being crazy, but I thought about it and told myself not now then when? I'm not exactly young anymore and if I wait, the kids will all be grown up and I would have missed the chance to give them the best. So here I am on this almost impossible journey! Why you may ask? below are some of the reasons that made me chose this path.

I've always loved working with children, knowing that no 2 days are the same, no 2 kids are the same and you have to always think outside the box and keep yourself on your toes and try to solve every challenging situation. Other than that it's the only work that allows lots of laughter, fun and joy.

I find Montessori very inspiring. I'm still learning about the Montessori Method and what I've come across so far is very motivating. It's not just a mere Method of education, but there's something very great and deep about it that I believe is going to make a difference in the world.

Working towards My dream. About 7 years ago, I decided that one day I will open a school that will bring up children to be independent, respectful, courteous, creative, humble, care for others, care for the environment, have curious minds and a strong love for learning. They too will be guided to excel in all areas of academics, mathematics, languages, arts & science. With a world vision in mind, they can put their knowledge & skills that they acquire to better serve humanity and make the world a more peaceful & united place to live in.

It's been 2 hectic weeks into January and I've fallen sick but gotten back on my feet. As much as I thought that I will probably be overwhelmed and stressed up, but quite the opposite. I'm actually feeling this inner peace amongst the chaotic schedule. Somehow it feels like I have finally found my purpose in life. I'm tired physically but I'm coping ok. Just need to boost up my immune system, sleep earlier and pray that I get to the end of this year safe & sound! :)


Working towards the betterment of the world

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pikkuthti said...

I'm so proud of you <3!!!

I've been wondering, crying, trying to decide -without succeeding in it to which school I'll sign our daughter for the 1st grade... feels overwhelming and almost impossible... even if the school system/ quality of education of Finland is ranked well year after year... it's just enough, on my opinion. I found out about the Montessori schools 7 years ago when my eldest was about to start the preschool -and we just don't have those schools in my town... nor do we have the education to become a montessori teacher in FInland... so i did not reach for my dream... not yet.


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