Monday, November 05, 2012

I'm back on Blog!

The passed year has been really hectic with Montessori studies, MummyHugs work, Clover part time work, Kindermusik Classes to teach, Baha'i Children Classes to run, 2 boys to run after, house hunting, renovation, moving house, managing our new home...etc the list goes on! I'm just glad that I survived it all and still remain sane! :)

Beginning of this year, I've just been concentrating and finishing my Diploma studies and studying for Montessori examination. At the same time, I officially homeschool Trevor and another girl from my neighbourhood for a few months. It was delightful and I enjoyed teaching both of them in my Unity House Montessori homeschool, I was going to share my experience setting up my homeschool environment, planning the lessons and even took plenty of pics, I just haven't got down to doing it.  In June, I joined Clover again to do my teaching practice so I can meet the requirements to receive my full international certificate. So here I am, I've finished my hours and completing my report! Finally!

I hope to get a more 'substantial' qualification to become a teacher but I think a International Diploma in Montessori Method of Education is enough for now. I can't do anymore studies with kids and husband... I've neglected them a bit. Oh well, it can wait till later. :)

So, I've a sudden urge to blog about my search for a good Chinese holiday program for my boys. I was quite convinced that I will probably be the last person to teach them to speak and read Chinese. So read on the next blog about my discoveries! :)

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