Sunday, September 16, 2007

Work at home versus Work out of home

Sunday 16th September 2007 Rainy in the morning, nice cool weather.

When I threw in my resignation letter in July 07, I was so relieved and so happy that I was going to be a WAHM (Work at home mom). I thought that was what I always wanted and that I will be happy and relax, work at my own pace, no stress, more time to do what I want...But but but...I guess it's a lot tougher than I thought.
Maybe I am not suitable to work from home. Too much of my comfort zone, too many distraction, no need to report to 'boss', cos I am the boss! And I find it really difficult to manage my time around baby, work, personal…etc. because all these happen in the same place, my home.
Or maybe it’s just a period of adjustment. Any type of change needs a period of adjustment and settling in. I will continue to work at it and if I am still terribly stuck… someone… get me out! Just joking, I love my son, I love being at home and love working from the comfort of my home. I just need to get organized and be really disciplined. If I am will not improving much by this month, I will get a part time job. At least I get out of the house to meet others and have a change of environment.
I realized that I am a people person; I need to interact with people. So full time at home, working just me and my computer 24 hr a day is a nightmare! So count me out on Internet distance learning or anything similar to that… I mean, how do these people do it? Please enlighten me!
That’s my experience as a WAHM for the past month. I feel that I have less time compared to when I was working at my last job. (that explain why I have not written in a month.) Why is that so? Hhmm… Ok, I do spend more time with Tristan and Chris, but I haven’t got down to doing the list of things that I list down 2 days after I left my last job.
I just came up with a ‘time table’ for myself, and record what I actually did when the day is over. Hope to analyze where my time goes to, hope to work out and get organize!
Love, Shirin 2:10am... yes.. it's late, I cant sleep. Ironically it's bcos I am too tired.

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