Wednesday, November 14, 2007

9 reasons your baby makes a holiday special!

Back to the topic of traveling with Babies or Toddlers. Many may wonder why should... since babies don't remember anything when they grow up. But we believe differently. Here are some reasons why we feel that are great reasons to bring your kids with you on a holiday! :) (inspired by an article I read from a magazine)

Please drop me some comments on your own experiences!

1  You truly bond as a family

It's amazing how you really spend time together when you are away from your work, your daily activities. We cant imagine leaving Tristan behind, it'll feel like a big part of us is missing.

2  You delight in your kid's excitement and happiness

Although you may think that they don't know what's going on, they actually do. Tristan gets really excited when he sees the plane, when we reach the hotel, meeting different people, visitng places, sight seeing and tasting new flavours.

3  You go places or notice things you otherwise wouldn't

I would lookout for interesting places or things that Tristan can paticipate in or he could relate in. It may be a circus,  an animal show or just cows along roads during a journey to the country side.

4  You expand their horizon

One of the best way to learn and grow is to travel. It's the experience that changes you, the knowledge that you gain you can never get it from any books. I am not sure how much Tristan will remember from these trips but I am sure it has somehow made an impact on him :)

5  You teach them to adapt

This is one thing that Chris and me would like to bring up our children by. To be flexible and to adapt to different environment and situation. Tristan is pretty felxible so far, he can sleep early or late, and is not a fussy eater. He eats whatever we eat.

6  You become hands on

When Chris and I work, Tristan is taken care of by my nanny. So when travelling, it gives us an opputunity to be full time parents. So we have to take care of him from A-Z, from changning nappies to bathing, feeding...etc. It gives us a great chance to bond.

7  You learn to slow down

Many little things amazed toddlers, it's a wonderful chance to slow down and appreciate these things with them. And to see the world through their eyes.

8  You create shared memories& build a treasure of keepsakes

That's part of the reason why we are so crazy about taking photos. We want to keep them so that when Tristan grows up, he can look at them and we can relive the moments again and again. Theses memories are priceless!

9  You get fresh perspective

We brought Tristan to Bali, where we first went 2 years ealier for our honeymoon. We went to pretty much the same places, but with Tristan, we get to experience it in a whole new different way. We more spend time in the pools, walk around the parks and enjoy the sea breezes together.

Here are our top 9 reasons why your toddler will make an holiday special. Tell me yours and I'll add to the list.


An interesting quotation that I found on the net about travelling.

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on,
deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. ~ Miriam Beard

Just a last thought...

Without a baby sling, these travels are almost impossible!

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