Friday, February 15, 2008

Need to Slow down and start blogging again.

Ha... it's been months literally since my last blog. There's just too much going on that I have not much time to sit down, reflect and write. We travelled to Vietnam in Oct07, Cambodia in Nov07 and Macau in Dec07. Together with all these vacations was visits from relatives and close kins from overseas and not to mention festive season! Christmas, Birthdays, New Year and the Chinese Lunar New Year! I wonder when is it ever going to slow down? Guess it probably is never going to slow down, but I have to learn to slow down myself and get organized!
Anyway, guess what, I just google " blog slow down" and I came across this blog which I thought are just brilliant. Frugal Parenting which have many creative ideas to save and manage finances & famly life. This blog then led me to discover so many other blogs that are so useful to blogging. There's  ProBlogger which has valuable advices on blogging and tips to help you make money blogging, CopyBlogger which gives copywriting tips for online marketing success, there's  FeedBurnerStatCounter which I have not quite figured out what it is all about, but looks like all the blogs that I have came across have this little RSS Feed icon  I'm probably missing something big from there.

The list is endless.
I will explore further and see what treasures I have! Update soon.

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Ashley Ladd said...

Wow! I learn so much going to new blogs. Thanks for the heads up on those useful sites which I'll visit in a minute.

Also, I'm in awe that you get to travel so much to so many exotic places. I've only been out of my country 3 times - once for lunch in Canada (we were on vacation in Michigan and hopped over the border for the afternoon, not even a full night), Jamaica and Haiti with my day job to visit the worst slums in the Western Hemisphere (missionary pursuits).


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