Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40 Weeks Pregnant!

Started another blog at for my second time round pregnancy experience, but never really got to writing much. Since got not time to develop that blog, I copied all the entries I wrote into this blog under pregnancy:).

I guess 2nd time is pretty different in a sense that you don't have so much time to 'dream' about what what your baby will look like or how will you bring up your baby, read pregnancy books, and live in a fantasy world of the perfect birth plan, perfect delivery, touching moments when you finally meet your baby. Nothing like that at all. Most of the time I just feel tired, and trying to run after my toddler. And also I kind of know what to expect and it's not all a pretty bed of roses :)

Still, I enjoyed my pregnancy. Very thankful that I didnt have much complications. I still love the tingling feeling of baby moving in my womb or the somersault or football that he play in there! Actually today is my due date! But no signs of labout yet. Excited yet pretty scared of the 'process'. I was dreading the labour and dont want to think too much about it. But on Sunday, we met the Gynae and she was pretty busy and sound 'worried' that baby may go overdue. That scared me a little. I guess now is no time to dread it, I'm praying that baby come soon. If not I'm booked for to be induced next week! And if induction doesnt work it'll be Cesarean! I really dont want to be induced for go through Cesarean. So fingers crossed, pray baby is out by this week healthy and strong. :)

Found some links on how to go into labour... not sure how much it is true though.
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