Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some interesting books I found on Montessori

Like it or not, I realised that we are often influenced by what others say and what others think. Because Montessori is not widely understood and most of the schools which require higher running cost for the low teacher-student ratio and the tools required to train the child, the school fees is generally higher.

I guess the only way is to find out more for ourselves.
"Knowledge gives you wings... gives you confidence!" :)

So I search online and found these books, went to the bookstore to have a look... (a bit pricy to purchase, so I just read it there :) hhehe... Trying to borrow the following books from the Singapore Library, but most of it is on loan... hhmm must be pretty popular then.

Some links for books:
Montessori Books @ Amazon.com
Montessori Books Australia

Photos from amazon.com

Montessori Play And Learn: A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six by Lesley Britton

Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years: The Pre-School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock

Why Montessori? How to choose the right school? by Aisha

This book is written by a Malaysian lady who lived overseas for a couple of years, came back to Malaysia to work as a Lawyer. She later became a mother and was inspired to become a Montessori educator. In this book, she gives a good overview of Montessori and the comparison between Montessori and other pre-schools. It's a great guide for parents who really want to find out more for themselves.

How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin

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Christa said...

How nice!! I like your choice about these books...


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