Saturday, September 12, 2009

How your baby and toddler will benefit from music?

Dear Mummies & Daddies, or if you know a parent with young children :)

Many parents ask if it is too early to start music class? Babies...Toddlers... what benefit will they get?
What babycenter says about music and baby...
What Supernnanny says about music and baby...
Nestle Grow your baby's brain with song...
Babycenter malaysia: When will my baby be old enough to start music lesson?

It's never too early to start introducing music to your child. In fact, the earlier the better. I'm sure you are aware of how prenatal musical experience benefit the child even before he/she is born. AND the building of the brain continues after birth, music being proven to stimulate the brain in every way is the best you can use to stimulate your child and encourage development of the brain. It helps in development of language skills, physical development, social & emotional, and cognitive development..etc

More than just a music class, Kindermusik Class is a music and movement program that provides a whole child development! The child is introduced to different music from around the world and each activity has been planned to stimulate the child to learn in many different ways. This class trains listening skills, builds self-esteem, attention span, fine & gross motor skills, creativity and so much more!

This is speaking from personal experience, as I see the results on my own son and others that I teach! And most of all, they love the class and it's such a great bonding session with mummy and child OR even daddy and child! ( I have daddies attending the class with their 2 year old... doing pretend play and everything!)

So don't wait! Come and observe and see for yourself what we do in class!
(You can just come in and join us one of this weekend, email at me to let me know) and if you and your child like it join us! If not in your own way introduce so form of music to your child!
Our exciting new class is starting on 14 Nov 09. See the previous post to find out more.

Pass the message on!

Click here for more information on Kindermusik Classes.

Happy Parenting!


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