Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sneaky Chef to the rescue!

Well... what can I say? Keeping to the new year resolution is going to be tough!

My goal is to wake up early ~7:30am, get Tristan to school early or on time, get some work done, pick him up from school on time, lunch at mom's, spend time with boys at home in the afternoons , go for a walk, prepare dinner and sleep by 9pm.

I would say Day1 went as planned! Horray! ( but I should learn not to get too happy first )
Day2 I was so tired from Day1's activities that I woke up bit late...
Day3 Trevor got fever at night and I didn't get much sleep! So there goes my schedule!

But at least I met some of the goals- 2 boys slept by 9pm!

So sleeping troubles are ok, but eating habits are far from ok... Tristan only ate Roti Prata and Egg with runny yolk ( Roti Tampah), Cheese, Yogurt and Ice Cream for the past few days! I manage to get him to eat a bite of banana, a sip of kiwi milk shake... I think that's about it! I try to pack some fruits for his snake in school, I gave him 7 little grapes, I found 5 little grapes left, hopefully he at least attempted to taste some grapes.

Oh... I am so burried in my troubles that I realised I didnt blog about Tristan's unique eatin habits. Tristan eats only egg white, fish, cheese, yogurt, he used to love bread but not much lately, sausages & nuggets are the only meat he will eat. He literally pukes at the sight and smell and no to mention taste of meat... all meat Chicken, pork, lamb, beef... no meat at all- we thought it was a phrase but it's been more than 6 months that he didn't take meat. He doesn't like vegetable at all now. Fruits - he would drink fruit juice or milk shake, doesn't eat much fruits.

Knowing my troubles with Tristan's eating habits. My sister in law gave me a The Sneaky Chef to the rescue for my Christmas present!I am reading it but it was a sequal to The Sneaky Chef so the techniques are only mentioned briefly. I went to to the library and borrowed it the PART 1! In brief, this mother had troubles with her picky eaters. She tried everything from getting advice from nutrionist, pediatrics, making food look interesting, cooking with kids to make them more interested in food, bribing, threathening... etc.... and at last through her own 'labortory'-aka. kitchen, she found out that her kids will eat the food without complain if it was their favourite and it taste good. So she came up with all sort of recipes and experiment hidding healthy ingredients in seemly unhealthy food. Turning mealtime from battle ground to peaceful family social time!

That is what I desperately need right now! I dont know how am I going to cook with the two boys but I'll try for the sake of decent family mealtime without a fight! So far so good, the book is easy to read and I can so relate to all the troubles she went through with her children. I'm definately going to try some recipes and see how it goes!

Only one small trouble is all these recipes have very little pictures (I love pictures, less words to read for a busy busy mom) and most of the recipes are western-style kinda food. See if I can intergrate some of the Sneaky Chef technique into the Malaysian recipes. :) Well this is my project for now! Wish me luck.

I actually blogged about another book call Deceptively Delicious some time back, I browse it at the bookstore but didn't buy it because it has no pictures (or very little) And I and not commited to cooking then... but anyway, it's also another 'hiding healthy food in unhealthily kids favourite food'.

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