Monday, June 16, 2008

Cranky 2 year old!

Tristan cried non-stop just before he fell asleep at 11pm and seem extra temperamental throughout the day.

We are all so tired from a full day's activity which included a Spastic Charity Fun-Fair from 7:30am-10:30am, rushed back home and got ready to leave for my eldest sister in law's twin girls full moon party, which lasted till about 4pm and we went on to shopping at Orchard Road-Great Singapore Sale until 11pm at night.

Being so drained out of energy plus a cranky 2 year old who requested & threw his temper around to get what he wanted, I lost my temper. Tristan cried and cried till he choke... cough and vomit! He look so poor thing... but I was too tired and angry to feel sympathetic for him. Now that he is asleep finally... I reviewed the days' activities... realised it's too much for the little one. He must be exhausted. Really a child's time-table/schedule should not be too filled with activities, and should include a time where he really takes a proper nap and rest.

Mistake that we made included not bringing a baby sling or baby pram for the shopping trip. Chris and I ended up with tired arms and back, and an interrupted extra non-productive shopping. Running after a 2 year old and calming a tired and cranky child can really take up all your energy.

Here's what I found re:

"How Do I Deal With My Child’s Temper Tantrums?"


Oh well... lesson learned. No more long day filled with activities. Plan for naps and rest times. Remember to bring baby sling & pram-since now that I am pregnant and Tristan is getting heavier!

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