Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday Blues... Tues Gloom...

Tuesday 6th June 2006 Rainy & Gloomy
Dear diary,
Feeling pretty gloomy today, partly due to the weather I guess. Wanted to open a new bank account for little baby Tristan but was told I need an appointment, gotta go back next day & wanted to cancel my credit card but they make it so difficult!!! was told to go to the bank, when I went there I was told to call the Customer Service Hotline, made me so angry... They think that I have so much time, I have to work around my little baby's feeding schedule. What to do, they always have to make things complicated...

Got a few things on my mind today. Much as I am happy breastfeeding baby Tristan and caring for him, I feel so exhausted all the time. Need to get up and do something myself. Maybe I'll take up Yoga or something... hhmmm

Little Tristan wore his cousin sister's bodysuit today, the pleated sleaves made him look like a little baby girl :o) hehehe... okok. he is crying now, he knows mommy is teasing him. Alright, will share some photoes soon :o)
That's all for today :o)
Monday 5th June 2006 Sunny
Dear diary, Tristan is 7 weeks old today! wow, time really flies. I can still remember eagerly waiting for the day that he wants to come out to the world. I still owe a lot of stories that I need to share with all. Not that I am proud of myself, but I find that people dont share these type of things anymore. I never really knew much about pregnancy, labour, child birth, breast feeding, taking care of infants... Well if you live big cities there are classes you can go to, but in a small city like JB, tough, there's no place you can go to learn all these stuff. Promise to have soem juicy stories to tell by this week. :o) ...Tristan is very sleepy today, been sleeping the whole day & night... Sleepy baby is better than a grumpy one though :o) Love, Shirin

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