Sunday, June 18, 2006

Baby's 2 months old!

Sunday 18th June 2006 ( Wedding Anniversary!)

Dear diary,

Little Tristan is 2 mths old now! tried to log in the on 17th, I wrote a whole bunch of stuff but the electricity just went off... all the hard work gone.

Today is also Chris and I's 1st year wedding anniversary, had a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant with a nice view over straits of Johor. Saw sunset (not much of a sunset, it was cloudy...), the food was good, had a simple and nice celebration.

Just wondering... Chris and I are just married a year and with a son at 2 months old, and we are already so busy and tired out everyday with work, chores, and other responsibility. We use to celebrate and buy each other gifts every month on the 18th ( the day we got together) before we got married. After we got married, we occasionally go out for special dinners on the 18th, now that we have a kid, we hardly remember the 18th of the month anymore. 1 day is still 24 hours and 1 week is 7 days, it hasn't change.But it seems that to us, hours are shorter and weeks and months passed so quickly that we hardly find time to relax and do nothing-annnnnnnddd not feel guilty about it.

I wonder how other families cope with 3 kids and more... or rather my fathers' generation where families of 8-11 kids are normal. still got many thoughts on my mind and still havent got the photoes loaded online yet... but just too tired... better get some rest. Oh ya, I started Yoga, feel much better and energetic each day. gotta sleep now, dont wanna be late for Yoga tomoro morning. Good nite.

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littlehulk_Joon said...

hi jie.
i need money....soon hahaha
going on bike ride end of the year, outdoor camping ^^
anyway, i met sukhin anyssa and roshani in one shopping centre in melbourne. Anyssa here to work, the rest visiting from Brisbane. And i'm still Shirin's brother, except roshani who recognised me and remembered my name haha
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