Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The long awaited day ;o)

Tuesday 27th April 2006, Super hot day.

Dear Diary,
Well, I've promised to share my stories... so here goes :o)

Let's start from the begginning. I must say that I had a smooth pregnancy, no complications or extreme changes in my body or mood or appetite. Well thanks to my mummy's genes, she had easy pregnancy too :o) So easy that she didnt know she was pregnant with my little brother until the 4th month. I only had a lost of appetite during the first 3 months, but after that was enjoyable. Chris was really excited and very supportive. He would fetch me to and from work and get me anything I feel like eating and best of all is the massages when I get leg cramps and backaches. And when I get cranky or moody, I blame it on the hormones :o) hehehe... (Ladies out there... when you are pregnant, you are the queen, enjoy it. :o)

It was the last month of pregnancy, April 2006. I took leave from the 12th of April onwards as my expected due date was 19th April. Everyone was anxious and awaiting the day when baby will be born. Chris & I were saying prayers every night for a healthy and strong baby, Chris parents and my parents were very excited too. So... the long awaited day came.

4am April 17 2006
I woke up and felt a sudden pain in my abdomen. I rushed to the toilet and blamed the Ju Hu Eng Chai (sotong/squid & Kang kong) & Rojak (Malaysian fruit salad) I had the night before. Well, I emptied my bowels the first time I went to the toilet. But minutes after the 'diarhea' pain I had came back, I rushed to the toilet again.. & again... & again. (mind you, with a big belly, it's not easy getting in and out of bed.) I begin to suspect something's wrong. I told Chris, I think this is what they call "contractions".

Chris rushed me to the hospital at 6am in the morning.
this is only PART 1 will update more... soon :o)

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