Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check out the other Mummy Bloggers!

I just came across a few amazing mummy bloggers online. I added them onto "Blogs I Read" column. (Just added this new column too :) hehe very happy of my small achievement.

Have a look at some of them listed here and I am sure you'll be as amazed as I am. Salute to these Mamas!

Let's get wokking!

This stay at home mum has amazing recipes and amazing photography of the food she cooks for her family. Check it out!


This WAHM is one amazing artist.

Musing of a new mother

A full time working mom writes witty stories about her life as a new mom. There's so much that I can relate to :)

1 comment:

Bryan's Mama said...

thanks for specially featuring me :) there's nothing like sharing experiences.


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