Saturday, October 06, 2007

Survival vs Sucess

Was speaking to a friend and this very interesting topic came up...

As a parent.. are we teaching our kids to survive or to succeed?

Many instill fear in their child to fend for themselves, to be afraid of the negative
consequences, to live a 'safe & secure' life. But are we hindering them from success?

We hear of so many successful and famous scientist, philanthropist and great leaders today. They did not live their life in fear, but a curiosity and a will to move forward and to be successful without thinking twice about failure. But when they fail, they get up and try again.. they fall, they get up and run again. Many of them did not live a typical life, some never did well in school, somedidnt have the opportunity to access education and other facilities that we have at our finger tips. But these people achieve so much in life and attained such a high level ofsuccess that many will never be able to reach in our life time.

Sometimes many are so afraid to being a 'bad' parent that they end up deciding everything for their child... telling them it's good for them. So when does a parent make decision for their child and when do we start letting them make their own. To experience the consequence of their own decision, to fall and get up again.

Just something for every parent to think about in this highly competitive, Kiasu (fear of failure), Kiasi (fear of death) society.


Bryan's Mama said...

agree with you 100%. Asian parents are extremely good at instilling fears. everyday i conscious tell myself to reduce the number of "NO" that I use on Bryan

Bryan's Mama said...

i've linked you up btw :)

Bryan's Mama said...

i just tagged you!


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