Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Problem waking up early!

I have been horrible at waking up early. I'll open my eyes at 8am when my alarm rings, tell myself to go back to bed, and snooze off for another hour or so. Then when I do wake up- late, I feel so awful! Ahhh... There goes the mood for the whole day. I feel so bad that I'll not sleep early at night cos I feel that I have wasted the whole day! Seems like a vicious cycle that I am trying to beat.

When I was working, I had to force myself to wake up no matter what time I sleep. At least there was something to push me. But now.. it feels like I have 'no reason' to wake up early. Feels like everyday is a Sunday to me... oh... how nice to snuggle with four pillows and blanket when the weather is cold and rainy.

I googled 'problem waking up early' and I got the following interesting links to share. Just in case there's anyone sharing the same problem.

How to become a early riser?

Waking Up Early - Why is it so hard?

Becoming a early person

Not sure whether I can pull all this 'working from home', 'running own business' off. I just find it harder and harder to motivate myself each day. It feels like what I read in the book 'The Milk Memos'.

Oh ya before I forget, I recommend this wonderful book that I just completed: "The milk memos" by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette. It's a hilarious book by 2 mothers from America working for working for IBM. They started to write down their thoughts and feelings into a note book in the lactation room where they express their milk for the babies while they continue to work after giving birth. They also provide tips and advice for mothers who wants to continue to breastfeed, and how they mix being a mother and working. http://www.milkmemos.com/

There's a section that talks about working from home: "How it can be very hard to concentrate when the love of your life is right there next to you... that you may feel guilty when you cant give him the full attention... about missing social interaction with co-workers..."

Well that is ME! exactly! Still trying... and keeping myself going! Wish me luck!

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Bryan's Mama said...

what time does your son wakes up? mine wakes up at 7am so no choice, i also have to wake up to take care of himself/get ready for work. the last time i slept past 8pm was 2 years ago ha ha


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