Monday, October 22, 2007


Ha! finally I am going on vacation! Going to Vietnam with Chris and Tristan. Many would actually drop their jaws, surprise.. and think we are crazy. "Why you bringing baby with you?... How to enjoy? .. Baby will suffer... So Young, baby wont benefit... He wont remember a thing.."
But oh well, I guess Chris and I have agreed to bring baby wherever we go. We want Tristan to see the world, experience different culture and way of life. Let him adjust and be able to live in all type of conditions and environment. We hope to let him grow up a tough boy. 'rough it out'. But of course we take all the precautions and make sure he drinks and eat hygienic food... etc. And of course it will be more tiring, carrying him (10 KG now!) and walking miles shopping and sight seeing.
But it'll all be worth it!
Found a site that talks about travelling with baby.
I am looking for something which I read before... how your baby will benefit from traveling, how babies brain develops from newborn to 3 years of age... will up date later and tell you about my trip then!Seeya!

Travel with baby

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Bryan's Mama said...

Wow Shirin, you're one confident mum! I'm actually terrified about bringing Bryan for a holiday kekeke

Btw if you're going to Hanoi, let me know and I go there very frequently so can give you tips, but only if you want :)


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