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26 AUG 2006 First POST transfer from Friendster :o)

SAT 26th August 2006 Sunny day

Finally got to sit down and write my first blog at friendster ;o)
after weeks of procrastinating... well not because I am such a lazzy bum... but I AM A MOM!!!

Today is Gavin, our friend Shoghi & Ernie's 2nd son's 1st birthday :o) Just realised that in a matter of a few short years, life have changed tremendously. My birthday used to be one of the most important event of the year, but now... my birthday seems pretty insignificant with so many little bundle of joy popping out of no where ;o)

From being a carefree student, worrying about exams and boyfriends and friends... to finishing college, university, getting my first job, getting engaged and married... AND.. pregnant and... now a mother of a four month old in a matter of 3 short years?!?!? wow.. .come to think of it I've accomplished quite a lot in these years.

After becoming a mother, my lifestyle have changed so much I cant remember how it used to be when I was single ;o) I am not complaining, just constantly feeling tired and wishing there were 48 hours in a day instead.(my genie.. where are you??)

My shopping now revolves around Toy 'R' us, Kiddy palace, mothercare and any baby section of the mall, our outings revolves around 'baby' friendly places and even the magazines I read changed from CLEO, Marie Claire to Youngparents, Mother & baby... and so on.

There's a children song from PEACE PACK CD, lyrics goes like this... " changes are a part of life... gotta change so we can survive .." very simple yet it's meaning.. deep... Some of us are so comfortable where we are that we dont want to change. Even if we are so unhappy. Change is a very scary and at the same time challenging & exciting thing.

I just resigned from my comfortable, well paying job. After working in this line for nearly 2 years ( serving credit card customers in the bank) I find it hard to motivate myself everyday and always complain my daily unhappiness to my dear husband, Chris. But something he said striked me... something pretty profound coming from Chris..heheh... ( he is always giving me pleasant surprises ;o)

Work is work... it's a repetition of a series of task and a responsibility. to be happy at your job means to constantly strive for excellence. This is how everyone contributes to the society. :o)

It's hard to always imagine that the job that I do everyday is actually contributin to the society and making the world a better place. hard but.. I will try and remind myself everyday. what about you?

Shirin... :o)

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