Friday, January 26, 2007

19 SEP 2006 New Chapter of my life :o)

Tues 19th Sept 2006 Sunny
Another chapter of my life has just began, I am officially a student advisor at Studylink JB. So anyone who is interested to further your studies or have any friends or relatives goin on to college of uni, local or overseas, let me know :o) we do counselling to application to visa to accomodation to flight tickets, ANything from A-Z regarding further studies. you name it we do it :o)
( ehhehe.. ok, that's the end of the advertisement )
Life's pretty good, work is much more relax than my previous job, and I see lots of potential in this place and lots of things we can do that we can do to make this place more appealing to students. So we'll see.. ;o)
Tristan is 5 months and 2 days old already. time flies, he looks like a big boy now. I wish I can spent more time with him. Every mother's guilt?
Well, he is not interested to flip over yet. But he is getting cuter each day and learning things really fast. He tried to put his hand up when we raise our hands to high five! And he's started to take a bit of rice cereal yesterday too.
... He's growing real fast... I hope to be there for all his first moments. First word, first flip over, first crawl, first taste of different food, first step.. etc..etc...
alright then.. gotta get back to work. will update more..

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