Friday, January 26, 2007

07 NOV 2006 Tristan is almost crawling!

Tues 7th Nov 2006 Rainy Day
Ha ! My son is almost crawling!!! we are so excited. He lifts this head high up in the air and then tries to move his little chubby leg forward, when he manage to get up on all fours, he wobbles and bounce forward and backward (goyang goyang...) then collapse, tired.. and then get up again! heheh... so cute.
Dont know where he learnt to stick his tongue out, he started doing this on Thursday last week. Licking his lips like he is drooling for some yummy food. And now is the age where he is so confident about this hand that he grabs anything within his reach and sight. After succesfully grabbing it, he will put it straight into his mouth! wonder what everythign taste like.... anything for that matter!... so beware of your belongings especially spectacles, dont end up like his previous victims.. His father, Gong Gong & Ye Ye (both his grandfather!)
Shirin... :o)11:30am

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