Friday, January 26, 2007

Can we have more than 24 hours a day?

Tues 12th Dec 2006 Fine weather
Why we only have 24 hours a day? If only we have a bit more time... just a bit more time. more time to spend with my little one and more time to earn some extra income that will sustain and grow. And hopefully by 2 years when Chris & I plan for a 2nd one, I can be a stay at home mom. Work from home. YEAH!!! SO wait for my grand opening of my little side business. I wont let the cat out of the bag first. probably by end Jan07, I can get it started. All this inspiration came from my little Tristan and becoming a mom, wanting to spend more time with him. So STAY TUNE! :)
By right, 8 Hours-work, 8 Hours-play, 8 Hours-Sleep should be enough, but I always wonder where my play and sleep hours go to. All those who knows me will be screaming..." because you do things so slow.....!!!!!!" okok.. I know, I am a bit slow. Cant help it, it's in my blood, maybe my blood flows slower so my brain response a bit slower, therefore my actions. I am trying... I dont know why I cant seem to get more efficient and organise, and do things faster. ( haha.. my husband will be laughing now... me.. fast? on time?)
Anyone has a good time management program that will help me? Let me know! :)
So... Tristan is almost almost 8MONTHS~!!!(just 6 more days! Wow... time flies! He is crawling and holding on to things and standing already. He is fascinated when he grabs something, drop it and see where it goes. When you pick it up, he drops it again and again... funny how babies are fascinated by all things... hhmm maybe he is discovering gravity, like Isaac Newton and his apple. Wow, so babies are pretty smart huh?
Opps... But due to the fault of the mommy (me) He discovered gravity the hard way. I left him on the bed to go grab a towel from the bathroom, but as soon as I grab the towel, I heard the loud sickening THUD! more like.. TONGgg... and I drop my towel and ran... somehow I saw it coming. I knew what happened. I saw my little one on the floor... HIs face red in shock and seconds later... scream his lungs out. Luckily nothing serious happened, he had a little bum on this forehead. Poor thing. I feel so guilty. And trust me... this little prince of mine have grandpas & grandmas on his side... so I got rprimanded for my carelessness. Not forgeting the father and my nanny too. Hai... I have to be more careful in the future. Forgive me my precious!
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