Friday, January 26, 2007

09 NOV 2006 Just another day in paradise ;o)

Thursday 9th Nov 2006 .not sunny, not rainy.just nice.
It's another wonderful day in good old JB city. Well maybe you'll ask what's so wonderful about today or JB? Well this is wisdom from my YOGA teacher. She'll ask us how are we today... some say fine, some say ok, some say not so good, etc... wonder why she asked? She says this is related to our subconsciousness or state of mind. If we say it's a wonderful day, it will be. Even if something unexpected happens, you'll take it positively and learn from it. If you say the day is ok.. then your day becomes ok.. if you wake up in the morning and while brushin ur teeth, your tooth brush broke... you tell yourself it's a bad omen, today will be bad luck. Then your day will be rotten. Your state of mind also attract similar feelings around you, if you feel positive, you wil attract positive people and positive things. So ... let me ask you... HOW ARE YOU TODAY???
My little Tristan is beginning to recognise people already. If you leave him on the bed and walk away from the toom, he starts crying... once you turn to him he stops. He's in such a cheeky and playful mood these days, little things tickles him and he will laugh like crazy... feel blessed to have such a happy baby.
Shirin 10:36am

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