Friday, January 26, 2007

30 AUG 2006 Here's a quick blog

Wed 30th August 2006 Rainy day

Here's a quick blog, gotta rush of to work.. at 3pm? yes... I work night shift-part time. I leave about 3:30pm for a 6-10pm shift in Singapore and return home about 12:30pm.. that is almost 5 hours of traveling for a 4 huors job!!! ahhh... crazy isnt it.. I take bus, get up & down the customs & train and bus again... both ways... its just so tiring.. and I have a little one to take care of when I come back.. so it's not much of a rest at night too.Anyway.. my last 6 days on this job! Bit scared of leaving... but at the same time happy & releived. during one of my 'travels' I was talking to a taxi driver... ( mind you taxi drivers are pretty inspirational too :o) hehhe... was complaining how tired I was travelling up & down. HE said this:" If you have a goal, then it's alright, you wont feel tired" in mandarin. "You mu biao jiu bu hui lei"IT striked me... that I dont really have a goal.. no wonder I was feeling so tired. Chris & I decided to write down some goals. :o) & just maybe we wont feel tired anymore..:o)Shirin3pm

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