Friday, January 26, 2007

05 SEP 2006 Last few days at work...

Tuesday 5th September 2006 Bit Rainy.
Dear diary, It's my 4th last day at work, 3 more days to go. Feeling all scared of leaving my comfort zone, and I will be missing the people I work with. ( The only thing I will be missing, & besides the free drinks from the vending machine for milo and Chrysanthemum Tea:o) I know I am making the right choice but yet, I am feeling scared & guilty for leaving a good "SECURE" job.Work aside, my little baby has tasted his first solid food, baby rice fine cereal. He got a bit confuse with the spoon and didnt really know what he suppose to do with the food on his tongue. So most of the cereal ended up around his mouth and on his bib ;o) I read in the little booklet on baby development that at 4 mths, baby will discoer his hands and feet. :o) it's so true, I like the way it's described. so cute... Tristan realise that he has hands and feet, and he knows that if he concentrate enough he could move his hands to grab something. Today, he also started to grab his little feet and on top of tasting rice cereal, he tasted his toes for the first time too!!!eyes closing... heading for bed now.. nite nite.

Shirin 2:28am

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