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14 NOV 2006 No money no time?

Tues 14th Nov 2006 Fine weather
No money no time? how true is that?
Before becoming a mom, I use to think that money is not the most important thing in life. We can live happily with or without money. Oh well... reality is totally different, we live in a real world. We need money to survive.
I didnt follow my parents' footstep in their line of business because I always wish they had more time for us. Now, I am scared that I will fall into the same trap of working to get more money, working harder and longer hours compromising time with my love ones... :( How many of us are doing this?? I now feel that I need more money to start my home, my children, better life, better lifestyle. And also sad to say many family issues sprung from financial problem.
Well I grew from, " I dont need more money to be happy" to " Money can make life more comfortable" to "better make more money for the future". And I pray and hope that I wont fall into the trap of being too attached to it without realising it! That's worst.
I want to work towards finding a way to work from home. Working while spending precious time with my little one. Nothing beats beign there for your love ones. Not Money Definately. So anyone has any ideas let me know. :o)
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